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Get educated, skilled for a better life

Sometimes we need a little boost in life to change an uncomfortable situation. You may be stuck in a job that seems to be a dead-end one because you have no passion for the field, you may be a stay-at-home parent who feels stifled and useless in the business world or you may lack education or skills and may settle for whatever job you get rather than one you like. If you are one of those persons and you are ready to have a better life, then use these tips to get educated or skilled and change your situation now.

Forget about the past

Many adults leave secondary school without an academic certificate. They settle for a mediocre job or remain a dependent person while regretting the choices they made when they were a teenager. Persons who continue to blame their younger selves for the uncomfortable lives they live as adults need to let go of the past. Start letting go of the past by seeing it for what it is – a figment of your imagination. Your reality is in front of you so it is time to live in the present.

Know your basic education

Write down or state the job you really want to do, research on the internet the necessary academic subjects or skills required to do it properly and do a checklist. You will be able to see what you are capable of doing and what areas need work. You may ask yourself if you need to work on your reading, writing, listening, speaking or application skills.

If you have problems in any of the areas, work on it daily. Read newspapers aloud or sign up for a reading programme with a school. Write about daily activities in a journal. Listen to podcasts and explain aloud what you understand. Follow the instructions of a recipe or a game to improve your application skills.

Get educated with academic subjects

After working on the basics, you may write down the subjects that you already have, if any, and take note of the ones you need. Get educated at a school that prepares you for exams in English, Math, Science, Business, Accounting, Visual Arts, Literature, Computer Studies or any area you wish. Get educated with free evening classes at a public school or pay for private tutoring services. Sign up for exams, prepare yourself to pass them, be successful and go at it again at a higher level.

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SERVOL Life Centre, Beetham Estate.

Get educated with a skill you love

If you are an unskilled person or a professional in the wrong field, then you need to get educated about a trade that makes you feel passionate. You may be an accountant, store clerk or factory worker but adores nail designs, cake decorating, hairdressing, welding, woodworking, graphic design, website development, social media marketing, video editing or the art of selling.

What really went wrong, get educated
University of Trinidad and Tobago, John S Donaldson, The Creativity Campus, Port of Spain.

Don’t limit yourself to one job because it pays the bills. Enroll yourself in a trade school or sign up for a course that will train you to be great at a job you love. Oftentimes, the side job becomes the career, so stop dreaming and start acting to give yourself a better life.

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