Eye technology
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Eye technology: Seeing is believing and this world is beautiful; eye care, testing and repair

Optical science has been around through physics and research for a few thousand years with research and experimentation in optometry, testing, and related eye technology development constantly evolving. This article explores the fascinating journey of eye care, from ancient practices to modern advancements.

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The evolution of eye technology

Believe it or not, the documentation of eye surgery, tests, and equipment dates back thousands of years! Egyptians were the first to attempt ocular repairs. The Eye of Horus was a sign of prosperity and protection. Eyes are seen as the gate to the soul and connection to the idols they worshipped.

From microscopes to standardised testing

Optometrists adapted the invention from Rome called a microscope for detailed ocular inspection. Not until the 1850s did we standardise an eye exam with that famous style of chart containing lines of letters reducing in font size.

Modern eye technology and early detection

Companies like BOC Instruments are creating new technology for accurate diagnosis of eye and sight disorders, diseases, or injuries. Similar to other biological systems, we should have our sight tested regularly.

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Common eye diseases and early detection

Prevention and early detection are buzzwords that should ring in your ears.

  • You will want to be tested to identify any of the groups of diseases under glaucoma that affect the optic nerve.
  • Multiple sclerosis causes swelling of the optic nerve. Which causes a particular field-of-view issue called scotoma.
  • Diabetes is a well-known and little-understood disease. Long-term type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients develop diabetic retinopathy, resulting in blindness. Diabetes can be detected through an eye exam.
  • Asthenopia is the professional name for eye strain. Symptoms are vague, such as pain around the eye, headache, fatigue, and blurred vision.
  • The pressure from aneurysms can cause vision distortions, limited eye movement, or blindness.
  • Other inner cranial swelling can have the same effects. A brain tumour or accident can cause swelling and blindness.
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Protecting your eyesight

We cannot fight heredity and diseases may beat us, but the things we can control, we should.

  • Eating healthy for your eyes includes eggs, citrus fruits, nuts, broccoli, leafy greens, bell peppers, and oysters. What no carrots?
  • Exercise is another word we donā€™t want to hear. However, a regular physical effort resulting in an elevated heart rate for over 45 minutes is recommended. You will also sleep better.
  • Daily sunlight exposure is vital for processing functions in the body. Your eyes are no different. Wear sunglasses in bright areas. Go outside in sunlight without shades for an hour a day. Do not stare at the sun but function so the spectrum of light can repair your eyes without a UV filter.
  • Wear protection when on your motorbike, ute, fishing boat, or when using heavy equipment and machinery. Your eyes are fragile, and many injuries are non-reparable. Government regulations, guidance, and standards help us be safe. Follow appropriate workplace protection protocols.

Your eyes manage over 75% of all data you will take in during your life. The iris and pupil make up the majority of the 2 million moving parts in your eyes that translate images into impulses the brain can decipher as the world around us. Donā€™t take that magic lightly. See to its protection.

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Conclusion: Eye technology ā€“ a window to a beautiful world

The journey of eye care, from the early attempts of the Egyptians to the development of modern eye technology, has been remarkable. Eye technology has not only allowed us to diagnose and treat eye diseases more effectively, but it has also given us a deeper understanding of how these complex organs function.

Companies like BOC Instruments are at the forefront of this exciting field, creating new tools for ever-more precise diagnoses. Regular eye exams, facilitated by these advancements in eye technology, are crucial for early detection of potential problems.

By embracing eye technology and prioritising healthy habits, we can safeguard our vision and experience the world in all its beauty. Let’s continue to invest in research and development in this field, ensuring a future where healthy sight is a reality for everyone.

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