Solado crop tops

Why do women and teen girls wear crop tops?

Today, wearing crop tops is a key piece in women’s fashion, which is why it is a must-have in every summer collection. The interesting thing is that its roots go back decades, to be exact, they are traced in three important periods: the ’40s, ’80s, and ’90s, with very interesting cases that we will introduce you to below.

Solado crop tops

Many people are wondering why women and teen girls wear crop tops. If you have the same question, by the end of this blog, you will get to know why crop top has become the favourite outfit of many.

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The perfect crop top for you

Keep in mind that there are different styles to wear a crop top, so we recommend you try each of them so that you finally know which one suits you best. And remember, the important thing is that you like it and not the rest.

– The tops are available in various lengths, so you can choose longer or shorter depending on the look you want to wear.

– There are several types of tops, sleeveless tights, long-sleeved tights, and loose tops with short or long sleeves.

– Sleeved tops should be made of flexible fabrics that allow movement, and more revealing ones should be made of thicker fabrics.

For more casual and comfortable styles, finer fabrics are preferred, and lace can also be used for this type of style. Check out the entire collection at SOLADO.

Solado crop tops

Hot outfits for ladies going party cruise, fetes

Combine skirts with crop tops

This section of Crop Tops and Skirts is made for those women who enjoy wearing elegant and comfortable clothes, crop tops with long skirts or short skirts are a delight for the eyes of those who look at you. The feeling of freedom and sensuality together with your personality make this combination of skirts with crop tops the best choice for truly attractive fashion.

Combining a skirt with sexy crop tops for women is an excellent idea because it is what the fashion trend brings us for the year 2022, specialists comment on it. If you plan to buy a skirt with a top, it is the best option to look beautiful at that party or special meeting.

Solado crop tops

Tips before buying a skirt and combining it with crop tops

Remember or if you still do not know, the most important attribute that you must take into account when buying a skirt is its length. For this reason, at Solado we want to advise you the following:

– If you are one of those women that God rewards with long legs and your statue is over 168 cm tall, we recommend choosing a long skirt that can be below the knee or perhaps a little longer.

– On the other hand, if you are a bit shorter and also a little chunky, then you should try a short skirt or maxi up to your knee.

– But we never tire of repeating the main advice is always personality, femininity, and elegance, it will give you the perfect touch for your look.

– When it comes time to choose the colour, we also want to give you a guideline that can be of great help for you to choose the perfect colour since the age factor is very important to make this choice. For women who are a little older, lighter shades favour you, such as lilac, aquamarine, and pastel shades.

– On the other hand, young women, girls, or adolescents, can choose any colour, including the darkest and brightest, that is, what they call the beauty of youth.

Cute ladies’ tops for your wardrobe

Lehenga Skirts with Crop Top

The Lehengas are traditional skirts from India whose main characteristics are their printed embroidery with very traditional shapes and drawings of the Hindu culture (Gota Patti), it also comes with a special pleat according to the set that is complemented by a top to the which is called Lehenga Choli.

Taking a bit of inspiration from India, new designers and creatives have taken this beautiful traditional clothing as inspiration to create a new Crop Top garment that looks very elegant for its embroidery and very youthful and sensual for being short, making it ideal to wear on social events.

Our recommendations – great combination to wear a crop top

Solado crop tops

Long skirt + crop top

For a more sophisticated style, you can combine your long skirt with a crop top with short sleeves or thin straps, to amplify your look remember to use accessories. An ideal outfit for the summer season.

Palazzo + crop top

Palazzos are ideal for showing off an elegant style, so choose crop tops with 3/4 sleeves, in solid colour, or with subtle prints so that it does not look overloaded. An ideal look for summer nights.

Jeans + crop top

For a more urban style, you can choose to combine a loose, short-sleeved crop top with all kinds of jeans, whether high-waisted, flared, or bootcut. And if you add a belt and a blazer, you will give it a chicer touch.

Shorts + crop top:

If shorts are one of your favourite summer clothes, you will love these two options, as they are perfect for almost any occasion: a day at the mall, a day at the beach, or lunch with friends.

Stylish shorts for ladies this vacation

Now that you know everything about this garment of the moment, run to your favourite fashion store SOLADO to put together your summer looks. You will find everything you need – Pick it!


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