Buy a hospital grade respirator online

Respirator: Get a hospital grade one for personal use

As we enter another spike in COVID-19 infections, hospital care for treatment have become limited. Infected persons rely on the hospitals to use a respirator to help them breathe for a period between 7 to 21 days as they recover. However, every day we are reminded that there is a possibility of a potential collapse of the public health care system. This means that we are left with very few choices should we become infected. It is even more important now for us to adhere to the safety protocols that are currently in place during this pandemic.

Buy a hospital grade respirator online

Most people are currently at home, due to the fact that they are not essential workers. The essential workers, however, such as police officers, doctors, nurses and even farmers have to brave the outdoors not only to earn a living but to keep us healthy, safe and fed. This also means that they are exposed to possible infection through no fault of their own. If this infection should happen after the capacity of our hospitals have already reached 100% occupancy, then the chance of survival is very low. As a preventative measure, you can buy a hospital grade respirator online or an oxygen concentrator in case you or a loved one becomes infected with COVID-19.

Remember, being infected with COVID-19 is not a death sentence. Those who possess pre-existing medical conditions are at greatest risk, even though there have been cases where healthy people have succumbed to this disease. These devices are not a substitute for professional care, but a backup for a possible worst case scenario. For more information on COVID-19, please see the World Health Organisation‘s website. For Information concerning vaccination availability and appointments in Trinidad and Tobago, please see the Ministry of Health’s Facebook Page and Website.

Hospital grade respirator online by Phillips

Buy a hospital grade respirator online
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Trilogy Evo Portable hospital-to-home ventilator

  • Single limb (Passive, Active PAP, Active Flow), Dual limb, 15 hours battery life*
  • For patients 2.5kg and above
  • Bluetooth and Wifi,optional SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring

Trilogy Evo provides noninvasive and invasive ventilator support with added sensitivity for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. Volume and pressure modes, AVAPS-AE, SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring and alarms of every parameter allow for adaptable care. Flexibility of circuits allows it to be used in a wide range of patients.

Screenshot 2021 05 26 11.57.09

Trilogy100 Portable Ventilator

Trilogy 100 has proven performance in both invasive and noninvasive ventilation

  • Single limb (Passive and Active PAP)
  • For patients 5.0 kg and above
  • Bluetooth, optional SpO2 monitoring

Light, versatile and easy-to-use, that’s the Trilogy100 portable ventilator at its essence. With its light weight and proven technology, Trilogy100 makes invasive and non-invasive treatment less complicated for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients.

Screenshot 2021 05 26 12.06.50

Trilogy200 Portable Ventilator

  • Single limb (Passive, Active PAP, Active Flow)
  • For patients 5.0 kg and above
  • Bluetooth, optional SpO2 monitoring

With its added sensitivity, the Trilogy200 offers improved triggering and leak compensation that allows more sensitive delivery of invasive and noninvasive therapy for pediatric and adult patients in the home or in alternative care sites.

Screenshot 2021 05 26 12.30.46

SimplyFlo Stationary oxygen concentrator

  • Small and light to help increase compliance
  • Nighttime therapy to stay active during the day
  • Convenient secondary device to create new revenues

With SimplyFlo, Philips Respironics has created the world’s smallest and lightest stationary oxygen concentrator. SimplyFlo is a completely new option for nocturnal patients who resist therapy because of lifestyle disruptions.

Compressor Nebulizers

Screenshot 2021 05 26 11.43.05

InnoSpire Essence Compressor Neb System

Designed for intermittent use

Compatible with commonly prescribed nebulizer medications

Treatment delivered in 6-8* minutes (using a 2.5ml Salbutamol dose)

Essence is part of the InnoSpire family of compressor nebulizer systems from Philips Respironics. It provides fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery in a compressor nebulizer system that’s priced right. With proven SideStream technology.

Portable hospital grade respirators

Portable Ventilator EPV100 57504.1519594529.1280.1280

EPV100 Portable Ventilator

Price Was $602.00

Price Now $489.00 (You save $113.00)

Other suppliers

The EPV100 is a simple, lightweight, robust and affordable portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide critical ventilation support during the initial stages of a mass casualty event. This gas powered, electronically controlled vent is extremely easy to use, and is equipped with independent inspiratory time, tidal volume, and BPM controls. It also features a built in digital manometer and a full array of visual and audible safety alarms. The weather resistant EPV100 will run for up to 48 hours on 2 D cell batteries, making it ideal for stockpiling or everyday use.

Materials Included

  • EPV100 Unit
  • (1) 6 ft Oxygen Hose
  • (1) 3 ft Ventilator Circuit
  • (2) D Cell Batteries
  • User Manual

EPV100 Portable Ventilator-Product Information


EPV200 Portable Ventilator

Price Was $755.00

Price Now $629.00 (You save $126.00)

Simple, lightweight, robust and affordable, the EPV200 with Assist-Control is a portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide effective ventilation for intubated or non-intubated patients, maximizing medical surge response during the initial stages of a mass casualty event.

Materials Included

  • EPV200 Unit
  • (1) Single Use 6 ft Disposable Oxygen Hose
  • (2) D Cell Batteries
  • User Manual

EPV200 Portable Ventilator-Product Information

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Galaxy A52

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Buy a hospital grade respirator online.

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