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Teen activities: 18 fun party hits to ditch the cringe

Teen activities

Teenagers can be tough to please, especially when it comes to parties. Today’s teens are a complex blend of social media savvy, meme-fuelled humour, and an ever-evolving definition of “cool”. Finding teen activities that meet their high standards can feel daunting, confusing, and potentially embarrassing. But fear not, party-throwing parents! …

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How to become a virtual bookkeeper

Virtual bookkeeper

Becoming a virtual bookkeeper involves providing financial record-keeping and accounting services to clients remotely. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you become a virtual bookkeeper. 18 Steps to becoming a virtual bookkeeper 1. Financial knowledge and skills Develop a strong understanding of accounting principles, bookkeeping practices, and financial software. 2. …

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Declining birth rates in Trinidad and Tobago: Reasons and strategies to curb the problem

Declining birth rates in Trinidad and Tobago

Maria, a 35-year-old accountant with a thriving career and a wanderlust heart, gazes at the sunset over Port of Spain. Her laughter rings through the air, not from chasing toddlers, but from a salsa lesson with her girlfriends. For Maria, “having it all” doesn’t include the traditional 2.5 kids and …

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Beyond bizarre rituals: Demystifying the myths of corporate magic and the occult

Magic and the occult

Whispers of magic and the occult have swirled around corporations for years, but rarely do they materialise into a public spectacle like the recent Massy Group drama in Trinidad and Tobago. Accusations of “bizarre rituals” and “highly dubious activities” involving foreign exchange spent on executive leadership training in Florida have …

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5 Companies that provide warehouse services

Warehouse services

Leading warehouses worldwide are expected to continue posting strong growth in 2020, driving up demand for warehouse organization with labels. Major contributors to this accelerated expansion include rising automation and the need for “smart” warehouses. The demand for the services offered by the distribution centres in this category is expected …

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Sold to the devil? Debunking the celebrity soul-selling conspiracy

Soul-selling conspiracy

In the kaleidoscopic world of fame and fortune, a mysterious and age-old conspiracy theory has woven its way into the fabric of popular culture, casting an enigmatic shadow over the lives of celebrities. Whispers of Faustian bargains, clandestine pacts, and supernatural dealings have long circulated, suggesting that some of the …

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