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Flourless rolled oats pancakes for diabetics

Rolled oats
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Anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes will know flour can negatively impact on your blood sugar readings. Most breakfast recipes call for flour as its principle ingredient from breakfast cereals, breads, pancakes, waffles and even soups. So what can a diabetic patient do? Try our flourless rolled oats pancake recipe.

With just three simple ingredients it is possible to have a quick and healthy breakfast whenever you are in the mood for pancakes. For our vegan and vegetarian readers we suggest using one ripe banana instead of the egg as a binding agent.  Remember to always check with your doctor when trying a new diet plan, diabetic or not.

Estimated preparation time: 10 minutes

Estimated cook time: 10 minutes

Yield: 12

Flourless rolled oats pancakes

Rolled oats
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2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup rolled oats

2 teaspoons baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

1 cup milk

1 egg

1 tablespoon vegetable oil


Add flour, oats, baking powder and salt to a large bowl, then mix.

Stir in beaten egg, milk and oil just to moisten the dry ingredients.

Heat skillet to 375 degrees F and grease lightly.

Pour ¼ cup batter into hot skillet.

Flip pancake when top is covered with bubbles to cook the other side.

Benefits of whole grains such as rolled oats:
• excellent source of dietary fibre
• linked to a lower risk of obesity
• aids in digestion and maintaining proper metabolic health
• decrease risk for coronary artery diseases and colorectal cancer
• high in antioxidants
• lower cholesterol
• control blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity
• high in fibre and that means that you will feel fuller longer helping you to eat less and shed those extra pounds
• Peer reviewed article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that a diet high in whole grains such as rolled oats is as effective as taking hypertensive medication
• It is believed that feeding infants oats before they are the age of six months is linked to a decreased risk of childhood asthma
• Due to high fibre content, it may be able to relieve constipation
• Finely ground oats can help in skincare, it can be used to treat symptoms of skin conditions like eczema

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