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“Given the necessity in Trinidad to align the energy of the youth into a productive application, courses are being offered in the second quarter of 2017 to keep the momentum of those youths aspiring to become the entrepreneurs of the future.” These are the positive words of Mark Raymond, a phone application developer and teacher in Trinidad. He makes his knowledge accessible and uses his experiences to remove the intimidating nature of some aspects of technologies. Mark encourages the youth to get involve in phone app development and other services that he has to offer.Smart phone applications by Prog Whiz for phone app article

Mark provides software development skills, online publishing guidelines and procedures, and commercialisation procedures. His products and services aim to fill the knowledge gap between published ‘free apps’ and ‘paid apps’, and simplify the learning curve to achieve the experience needed to create commercial grade quality phone applications.

Not limited to phone app development

Mark states, “I have been in the technology field for over 30 years. I’ve performed numerous roles in technology spanning from software/hardware designer/developer to management. My passion has always been to simplify and automate procedures to allow people to gain more efficiency and satisfaction in their working lives.

“Over the last five years, I have amassed knowledge and experience but not limited to phone application development. This knowledge in this somewhat new technology is intriguing to both the young and young at heart.”

What Mark has to offerPhone App games by Prog Whiz

Mark shares some insights about his products and services:

i) Fast track ability to produce a working application

ii) Insight into trade secrets to avoid fundamental errors

iii) New debugging techniques to have a stable product in a fraction of the time

iv) Optimised methods and procedures to comply with submission requirements for the four major publishing centres (Google, Apple, Amazon, SlidMe)

v) Fully documented procedures and steps not published anywhere to date on how to merchant accounts/templates for Apple in order to publish ‘Paid’ Apps3D printing, manufacturing by Prog Whiz for phone app article

Accessing products and training schedules

The software products can be accessed for download and purchase in the links below. The training schedules will be published on the website in June/July 2017 at

The phone apps can be found using the key word ‘Progwhiz’ at the following phone app stores:



March 2017

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