Customised Face Masks

Customised face masks, handmade and trendy

Maria La Coa saw opportunity where others saw hardship. She was forced to switch career paths from a graphic artist to a fashion designer due to COVID-19 pandemic. She aims to cater to individuals who wish to remain trendy while adhering to National Health Ordinance. MA LaCoa Corporations was created to promote, market and advertise customised face masks and other handmade products. Some are hats, scarfs, pillows, pillow cases and handbags for both for men and women.

Maria says, “There is always a desire to be fashionable. In this COVID-19 climate the desire is still there. As we battle through this pandemic wearing masks as a must, the addition of head gear and accessories came up. It became apparent to fashionistas to ‘match your mask with your outfit or handbag’. We try to fill that niche. 

“All our products are customised, handmade and limited. Hair bonnets and wraps with the matching face mask are popular.  As a result of being unemployed during this season, the opportunity arose to make customised face masks. On doing so, we found our products were preferred and favoured so that gave us encouragement to do more.

A sample of the customised face masks

“We started with customised face masks and occasionally we always add something new. Now, we have hair bonnets and bags, upcoming would be trousers and simple dresses. 

“Our prices are quite competitive. We cater for the present economic environment and still manage to keep running. Our colours, prints and styles are not common, say our customers. It’s why they come to us first.”

From customised face masks to bedding, MA LaCoa Corporations does it all

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MALaCoa Corporations. 172 likes · 15 talking about this. MA LaCoa Corporations was created to promote market and advertise customised handmade products.

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