Watchman Employment Opportunity

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      Watchman Employment Opportunity

      Watchman Employment Opportunity

      Watchman Employment Opportunity

       DEADLINE: November 5, 2020

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      Company          : Food Basket International

      Job Title            : WATCHMAN

      Sector              : Security

      Location           : San Fernando

      Department      : Business Development, Sales, Retailing and Distribution

      Job Type           : Permanent & Temporary

      FOOD BASKET INTERNATIONAL is seeking to recruit a suitable individual to fill the position of Watchman:

      The Watchman’s key role and responsibilities include but not limited to providing security to buildings and properties.

      Required Skills and Experience:

      • At least 2 years working experience working in the security field
      • Have that immediate concern for the safety and welfare of other people and property.
      • Must be sharp and alert at all times.
      • He/she should have the endurance and strength when force or chasing is needed to track down perpetrators.


      Interested persons should send their resumes to: by no later than October 10, 2020 or call 735-8323 between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

      Apply Now

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