Angostura Limited Vacancy

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      Angostura Limited Vacancy

       Angostura Limited Vacancy

      Angostura Limited Vacancy

      Security Officer

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      The incumbent will be responsible for the safe and effective execution of Security activities.


      SCOPE: The incumbent will be responsible for the safe and effective execution of Security activities.



      • To conduct searches of vehicles and persons.
      • To protect staff, customers and visitors and Company property.
      • To enforce the Company security procedures.
      • To perform loss prevention duties, prevent and detect crimes and other offences.
      • To perform fire prevention and fire-fighting duties.
      • To carry out the functions set out in the Emergency Response Plan, as a member of the Company‚Äôs Emergency Response Team.
      • To perform access control duties.
      • To enforce OSHA requirements.
      • To serve as a company driver when required.



      • Performs routine security function in protecting staff, customers and visitors.
      • Protects property. (Company, staff, visitors and customers)
      • Performs access control, loss prevention, crime prevention and fire-fighting duties.
      • Conducts searches of vehicles and persons leaving the compound.
      • Prevents and detects fire and safety hazards. Reports in writing all safety hazards and all other matters requiring the attention of the respective Department.
      • Monitors alarm, CCTV and security systems.
      • Issues and retrieves keys to vehicles, offices and buildings and logs their movements.
      • Keeps records of official duties in the post diary, logs and other registers.
      • Acts as a dispatcher for the communications system. Operates the telephone switchboard after normal working hours. Carries out the functions assigned to security guards in the Emergency Response Plan.
      • Prepares reports on incidents occurring during his tour of duty at the end of the said shift.
      • Preserves the peace, which may involve the restraint and or the removal of disorderly persons.
      • Checks Orientation Cards of contractors and their employees to ensure that they are in their possession and are valid. Also, ensures that contractors carrying out work on the compound are in possession of Site Entry Permits.
      • Issues and retrieves security passes to visitors and contractors.
      • Ensures that all company‚Äôs products leaving the compound have the required documentation.
      • Ensures that company‚Äôs products are returned to the compound by collectors / drivers are dealt with in accordance with security procedures.
      • Chauffeurs Executive Management and drives company vehicles in the execution of your tour duty as required.
      • Performs other related duties that may be assigned from time to time.



      • Minimum of 5 years experience as an Estate Constable or Police Officer.
      • Possession of a valid Firearm User‚Äôs License (FUL) issued by the Commissioner of Police, Firearms Users Employee Certificate (FUEC) or any equivalent training and experience.
      • Valid Driver‚Äôs License.



      • Sound Knowledge of laws governing estate police
      • Sound skills in the operation of CCTV, electronic alarms and security systems.
      • Sound skills in the use of fire extinguishers and hose reels.
      • Sound skills in the safety use and care of firearms.
      • Ability to obtain a precept and firearms users license issued by the Commissioner of Police.
      • Sound knowledge of security‚Äôs role and function in the Emergency Response Plan.
      • Sound knowledge of the Company‚Äôs policies rules and procedures.
      • Ability to deal with subordinates and members of the public tactfully, friendly and in courteous manner.
      • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with other employees.

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      Angostura Limited Vacancy

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