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5 Best ways to keep your baby summer ready 

Summer onset is arguably the most pleasant time of the year, except for the downsides that require you to keep your family, especially your baby summer ready.

While this time features warm breezes, short dresses and shorts, trips to the beach, and poolside barbecues, the scorching heat, high humidity, and perpetual thirst can be overwhelming for a baby.

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Summers are uncomfortable for babies accustomed to cool winter and spring temperatures. Some preparation can help them acclimate to the rising temperatures and even have a blast.

So, below are five actionable tips to prepare your baby for summer and keep them comfortable throughout the sunny season.  

5 Actionable tips to make your baby summer ready

1. Keep your little one hydrated 

Babies are more vulnerable to dehydration than adults. According to one government publication on fluids and electrolytes in infants, infants have a higher water content-to-body mass ratio than adults. Their bodies are 75% water, while an adult’s water content is 55%-60%, based on gender. 

Despite this, the publication also highlighted that babies have a larger surface area; hence they lose more water via insensible water loss than adults. Insensible water loss is the immeasurable amount of water the body loses via physiological functions like excretion, sweating, and perspiration.  

Therefore, babies are highly vulnerable to dehydration because of high summer temperatures. Moreover, they cannot process thirst and communicate feeling parched. 

However, you can keep your baby hydrated during the summer via a constant fluid intake, including breast milk.

If you supplement breastfeeding with formula, consider stocking up on high-quality infant formula brands like Holle baby formula.  

The Holle brand features an organic cow and goat’s milk formula classified into five baby developmental stages up to 24 months. Therefore, you can keep your baby hydrated with the brand’s formula, even within or past the weaning stage. 

However, remember to give a weaned baby water every few hours according to the recommended dietary intake for the age and a bonus amount for the hot season. Also, whole fruits and vegetables have a high-water content, so include them in your baby’s summer diet. 

Lastly, monitor your baby’s diapers or nappies, noting how often they pee and the urine volume. A low urine volume or less frequent urination may indicate dehydration onset. 

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2. Prioritise skincare 

Baby skin is extremely sensitive, hence susceptible to scalding summer temperatures. Therefore, you must keep your baby summer ready by prioritising their skincare. A baby’s summer-friendly skincare routine entails purchasing essential baby-friendly skincare products and establishing a summer-centric skincare routine. 

Baby skincare essentials for the summer include mild and hypoallergenic soaps, moisturisers, sunscreen, and alcohol-free moisturising baby wipes. Include the highlighted skincare products in your baby’s summer skincare routine as follows: 

First, bathe your baby daily using mild soap or body wash formulated to cleanse the body’s sensitive skin without causing irritation or dryness. Regular baths are essential during the summer because they help rid baby’s skin of dirt and grime, particularly along the skin folds. Moreover, baths are refreshing for your baby after a day of intense summer heat. 

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Second, a baby’s skin structure is thinner than adult skin, making it more susceptible to dryness. Moreover, the elevated summer temperatures increase the risk of dry skin, even among adults. 

However, slathering a baby-friendly moisturiser can protect your baby’s skin from dryness. The moisturiser helps maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier, preventing water loss and keeping your baby’s skin soft and supple. 

Third, waiting until bath time to cool down won’t cut it during the intense summer heat. Therefore, consider using alcohol-free moisturising baby wipes to help your baby cool off while eliminating germs and dirt likely to cause skin infections. 

Lastly, baby-friendly sunscreen is a must-have during the summer. Ensure your baby wears sunscreen each time you go outdoors. This is an important way to keep your baby summer ready.

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3. Lose the layers 

One report on infant surface temperatures highlights that babies’ bodies cannot regulate temperature as well as adult bodies.

Consequently, babies are vulnerable to temperature changes because they lose heat four times faster than adults and gain it equally quickly.

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Therefore, while dressing your baby in multiple layers during winter and spring is prudent, lose the layers during summer to avoid overheating.  

Consider quality over looks when shopping for baby summer clothes. Only purchase outfits made from natural fabrics like cotton that are breathable, comfortable, and have significant wicking properties. Cotton is the best fabric for summer clothes because it is also hypoallergenic and it’s a smart way to make your baby summer ready. 

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4. Schedule diaper-free time 

Diapers are essential baby items, helping to keep the baby’s skin dry because dampness causes rashes. Moreover, diapers make managing baby continence easier.  

However, the high temperatures and humidity experienced during the summer cause diapers to have the opposite effect. Consequently, diaper rash cases among babies are higher during the summer.

Therefore, consider leaving your baby diaper-free unless you are going out; diaper free may be messy but painless compared to diaper rashes. It’s another effective way to keep your baby summer ready.

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5. Learn baby water safety drills 

Summer is incomplete without going into the water, even if it means dipping in a kiddie pool. Therefore, you can prepare your baby for optimum summer fun by taking an infant and toddler water safety class.

Nonetheless, standard baby water safety rules include never leaving your baby unattended and always keeping them within arm’s reach when in the water, including bathtubs and kiddie pools. 


Keeping your baby summer ready allows you the freedom to bond with them and make blissful summer memories. The alternative is spending the summer at the doctor’s treating avoidable conditions like diaper rash and dehydration. Therefore, follow the tips above to prepare your little one for the summer and have a blast together.

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