Content creators new platform by Chosen One

Content creators: Get treated fairly on new platform by Chosen One

A decentralised blockchain powering content ecosystem was launched by Chosen One to solve dilemmas currently faced by for-profit content platforms and their billions of content creators and users.

The protocol aims to put ownership and control of Content in its users’ hands and incentivise content creation. The platform also aims to incentivise user participation by making each user’s contribution valuable.

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Talking about the launch and the vision of the Chosen One platform, the director and CEO, George Green, said, “At Chosen One, we envision building a decentralised digital content-based economy that allows Content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded while protecting author rights and ensuring fair incentivisation of both the authors and the consumers. We strive to incentivise authentic content creation while transferring the value of Content to users.”

He added, “All accounts created during the launch of the content platform will be used as genesis accounts of the content protocol, getting decentralised identity system and allowing authors to truly own their data which deployed on a decentralised blockchain network. Authors and users will have a fair share of the generated revenue, which will be monetised through the issuance of CSO Tokens, an Erc20-based token distributed to the users or authors in proportion to their earnings.

Aim for content creators to be true owners of their curations

The CTO of Chosen One, Alex Yurkovich, present at the occasion, said, “If you look at the leading ten global corporations, 5 of those are directly related to Data, ie, Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta. This gives an impression that the era we live in is the era of Data, of which the most crucial aspect is Content. It has become a staple for individual influencers, businesses, large corporate brands, and just about anyone else who’s trying to carve out their unique place on the internet. Now, although Content is King of the revenue it generates, almost all of the revenue goes towards the platforms. In contrast, the content creators and users have almost no or very minimal share from this revenue.”

“At Chosen One, we aim to be at the forefront of evolution whereby content creators are the true owners of their curations, having share from the revenue, whereas community participation is also incentivised. Our native coin ie CSO, aims to position itself as the token of choice for the content creators and content consumers within the Chose One ecosystem,” continued Mr Yurkovich.

The Chosen One platform’s ambitious goal is to build new systemic governance, economic, and social system that utilises modern DeFi protocols, on-chain governance, and content platforms to demonstrate a viable alternative to a failing system. Its native token, ie, SCO, runs on a permissionless blockchain network, drastically reducing the energy requirements of securing transactions and removing a central authority.

CSO Token also serves as the fundamental constituent element of the economic system and an important incentive for encouraging Content. Everyone who contributes will receive a substantial token reward. People will continue contributing when they are recognised for their contributions, prompting the platform to grow positively.

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Chosen One believes it holds the key to the future of content marketing and advertising, creating a community of creators and influencers who are successful at engaging with their audiences. It creates an exceptional content experience for the influencers creating the Content and the followers consuming it.

A key aspect of the platform is to create a culture of one-on-one influencer interactions where influencers and followers can mutually generate profits for themselves through creating and engaging with amazing Content.

About the journey ahead, the CEO said, “The future content platform will become the underlying foundation, develop more practical applications, combine live broadcast and chat systems, connecting with strong demand functions such as entertainment and payment, and create a social entertainment ecosystem to allow each token users hold is more valuable and greatly increases the user experience and the usability of the platform.”

About Chosen One

Chosen One creates a rewards-based economy where creators who contribute the platform via token economy. It redistributes the value of content and giving it more layers of utility.

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