Children are not focused

Children are not focused – reasons, suggestions

No two children are alike, so the same strategies cannot work for all. Many children daydream, “drift off” or “zone out” in the middle of a conversation with an adult. The baffling part is how well they can do insignificant things. A child who struggles with comprehension passages knows the lyrics and dance moves to “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I well. Another child perfectly explains the game Fortnite like how to do a “90” to gain advantage on your opponent. At the same time, this child cannot recite the 9 times tables. Parents and teachers can use these suggestions when children are not focused.

Not fun so children are not focused

It drives adults crazy when children are not focused when doing homework and chores. To top it off, they have complete focus with television shows, complicated video games and speed texting on a phone. Unfortunately, repeating that children are not focused and asking them to please focus is spinning top in mud. Dr Shireen Shephen in an article explains, “When the task they’re given isn’t fun, they get bored and quickly shift their attention to something more interesting — unlike us adults where we complete tasks whether we like it or not!”

Here is a suggestion. Make chores and school work interesting. Use goal charts, music, games and rewards to make children look forward to challenges.

Managing attention span not easy

Attention span is very difficult to manage in a time when children are bombarded with distractions on the internet and friends. Psychologist Vidya Ragu in a video says, “We all have challenges with managing our attention span.” She explains that even adults do duties monotonously daily like driving to work and home without thought. Children are no different.

Here is a suggestion. Divide tasks into smaller ones, set a timer to see how long it takes before a child loses interest in reading a passage or cleaning. Ask questions in between the task to monitor the focus. If it takes about 3 to 5 minutes, then break the monotony with something unrelated.

Serious reasons are a medical concern

ADHD or Autism are serious issues so parents should seek medical advice. According to an article on, research to date has shown ADHD may be caused by a number of things. Brain anatomy and function, genes and heredity, significant head injuries, prematurity, prenatal exposures to alcohol and drugs, and toxins in the environment are a few.

An article called Autism signs parents should take seriously (source) states, “Many autism signs in young children that usually make parents a little nervous tend to go away in time. As the children grow older, these signs may evolve into a roller coaster ride of problems with learning, communicating, interacting and progressing.”

Here is a suggestion. If children are hyperactive, impulsive, aggressive and have temper tantrums, parents should visit their local centre for an evaluation. They need to educate themselves as much as possible with free information on the internet and at health centres. Seek professional help and it will get easier.

Home – Study Zone Institute

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