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Are you bright about kites? – quiz

By Nadia Ali. It’s kite season, the winds are blowing across the Queen’s Park Savannah making it an ideal place for the annual kite flying contest. A variety of kites take to the sunny Caribbean sky flown by adults and kids enjoying this outdoor activity. Did you know that kite flying has been around for thousands of years and originated somewhere far, far away from sweet T&T? Do you know where? Well, take my fun quiz and find out if you pass with “flying colours”!


1. Kites originate from this country?
B. England
C. China

2. What is the name of the diamond shaped kite made with kite paper in local schools?
A. Mad Bull
B. Fighter
C. Cheekie Chong

3. In what country was kite flying thought to be a sacred ritual?
A. Guyana
B. New Zealand
C. Egypt

4. Kites were used to perfect what mode of transport?
A. Landcraft
B. Hovercraft
C. Aircraft

5. Which island has an annual contest called, The ____ Flying Colour Kite Flying Festival?

A. Tobago
B. Jamaica
C. Grenada

6. What is the Guinness Book of Records number of the most kites flown at the same time? Clue: it’s held by the children of the Gaza Strip?
A. 24,741
B. 12,350
C. 6,979

7. In Trinidad kite flying is associated with which celebration?
A. Christmas
B. Divali
C. Easter

8. In which country are kites are used to help with fishing in today’s world?
A. India
B. Indonesia
C. Singapore

9. Which historical fact is true?
A. Kites were used to deliver letters and newspapers during the American Civil War
B. Kites were used to pull stagecoaches in the UK
C. Kites have been used in sea rescues

10. In 2016, how many years has the annual kite flying contest be held?
A. 9 years
B. 15 years
C. 17 years

Let’s see what you know about kites…

1. China
2. Cheekie Chong
3. New Zealand
4. Aircraft
5. Tobago
6. 12,350
7. Easter
8. Indonesia
9. All answers are true
10. 17 years

February 2016 – Issue 21

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