Agriculture and fisheries
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Agriculture and fisheries: Logistics to change with Release Social Commerce

The logistics of agriculture and fisheries in the world will significantly change with Release Social Commerce. Release is an amalgamation of social media and e-commerce using cutting-edge technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), big data, blockchain, and Web3 smart contracts, and is an epoch-making system.

Farmers, fishermen, and kitchen gardeners all over the country can easily use a dedicated application to cultivate vegetables, fruits, and freshly caught fish and shellfish from a mobile phone. It is available to be delivered to all consumers of agriculture and fisheries products.

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Let AI do the rest for agriculture and fisheries

Farmers and fishermen can take pictures of vegetables, fruits, fish and shellfish that they have carefully grown with their mobile phones, and let AI do the rest! It is possible to automatically process all listings, sales, collection operations, and delivery at the online store.

When a buyer finds the ingredients they want in each category, they can quickly prepare for delivery by tapping the purchase button and receive it immediately. The process for agriculture and fisheries is made easy.

Digital transformation market worth US$1247.5 billion by 2026

Small Commercial Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

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Main performances and features
(1). Simple structure and wide applicability. Small cover and low noise
(2). With wheels , easy to move , suit for fish ,pig ,poultry and cattle.
(3) Power feed and grass power can be made into pellet with only some liquid. Therefore, the water containing rate of pellet feed is the same as before when it is made into the pellet, which means that it is more conductive to storing.
(4) Pellets made by this machine are with high hardness, smooth surface and full of internal curing, which can not only improve digestion and absorption of nutrition but also kill the general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. They can be used for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks, cattle, sheep and pigs, which have a higher economic benefit compared with mixed power feed.


Introduction and platform features  

“Release Social Commerce” is a combination of social media (SNS) and electronic commerce (Food Online Market), when users publish high-quality and valuable information, and viewers evaluate reliable information.

This allows you to use the mechanism for issuing REL tokens issued independently by the Release Project to both the contributor and the evaluator as points.

The Release project team will steadily develop the platform, aim to further improve the service, and at the same time, do their best to increase the value of REL tokens used in the online food market.

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Take a look at the development process and future plans.

– Globe Newswire, Yakuin, Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi, Japan


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