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Remembering adventures in paradise

By Marissa Armoogam. I have lived in Trinidad my entire life, and when I go on road trips and family vacations or other various adventures in Trinidad I am always in awe of the abundance of the beauty of this island. A while back my family and I along with some extended family were invited to spend a weekend at the picturesque Toco Beach. Let me give you a tantalising taste of the wondrous journey that we embarked on from the southlands all the way across the country and up to the very tip of the island.

The journey usually takes about two and a half hours from San Fernando, but with the number of stops we made, it took about an hour longer, but it was worth it. just one of the many adventures that could be had in sweet T&T.

The drive was a breezy relaxing one and for me the hustle and bustle of city life that I am used to daily encouraged me to embrace the scenic drive… the abundance of greenery… flora and fauna were everywhere. The air itself as we drove through Matura and Salybia was so refreshingly clean and crisp.

Along the way we passed through many small villages, and they were villages in the true sense. Every home had a small shed to the front with some kind of local fruit or vegetable for sale, it was things they grew in their own yards.  Children were playing along the road side, climbing trees and there were some of the older folks of the village sitting on the corners talking and just relaxing. It looked very enticing.

As we drove on, we stopped several times to “stretch our legs” and talk to one or two locals from the village. They seemed as amused by us as we were by their very inviting lifestyle. The children devoured the experience as if they were being introduced to a strange custom from another land. They clamoured about when we would get to the beach.

The adventures begin

When we finally arrived at the beach house, we were not prepared for the beauty we were about to see. The house itself was very rustic and inviting, but the location of the house and the view was worth the hours of drive it took to get there. The house was nestled on a small hill with a large sloping yard filled with coconut trees leading to a secluded bay. Next to the bay there was a tiny tributary that ran directly into the beach. It was breathtaking!

The house had several hammocks all around the veranda that seemed to hug your body when you lay in it. The children screamed with excitement as they ran unto the lawn as if they had been caged and was suddenly freed.

The yard had many other adventures for them, there were many trees to climb unto, to play under and just relax. There were areas of sand where they were freely allowed to play. For them this was a treat to be relished since they would usually get scolded for doing that at home.

The children truly enjoyed themselves that weekend and we look forward to the other adventures that this beautiful paradise island has to offer.

February 2013 – Issue 8

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