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7 Simple yet elegant wallet designs for men

With the advent of digital wallets and electronic payment methods, many men have been neglecting the use of wallets. Since many think wallets only serve the role of keeping your cash safe, they only consider the wallet designs and neglect the functionality even when they decide to get them.

A wallet is a must-have accessory for any stylish and elegant man. However, it is not enough that you have just any wallet. Your choice of wallet must reflect your aesthetic and elegance. Therefore, deciding what wallet to buy must always be taken seriously.

Contrary to popular opinion, lavishness does not always equate to elegance. Even simple wallet designs can knock the ball out of the park. This article discusses seven simple yet elegant wallet designs to make you stand out.

7 Simple yet elegant wallet designs to make you stand out

1. The Wallet – Tan from Once A Day

The Wallet–Tan is an elegant design from Once A Day. To an inexperienced eye, the wallet looks very simple and possibly mundane as the wallet does not have many adornments and jewelry placed on it. However, this simplicity makes it one of the best designer wallets for men you can go for.

This wallet is made in Italy in close consultation with Adriano Meneghetti, the handmade leather product expert. The manufacturers expertly select vegetable-tanned leather for specific use for every wallet on their shelves. That way, you can expect your wallet to be unique and different from the others available. At only $160, what better way to maintain elegance than to have products no one else has?

The Wallet – Tan

by Once a day

  • Screenshot 2023 01 19 205827
  • Screenshot 2023 01 19 205758
  • Screenshot 2023 01 19 205730
  • Vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany, Italy
  • Waxed genuine leather lining
  • Solid brass buckle, nickel free, made in Italy

The Wallet collection is made by trademarked leather named Pelle Conciata al Vegetable, using only natural tannins of vegetable origins during a slow tanning process.


2. Luca Faloni – Bifold Wallet

An elegant but simple wallet must never be too bulky. That is why many expert designers prefer having a bifold wallet to a trifold one. The Luca Faloni bifold wallet is one such expert design. This wallet is made of full-grained tanned leather, expertly molded to meet the specific requirements of any user.

Quite a few things make this wallet stand out from others in the same market. First, the detail and engravement on the wallet are simple enough to make it obnoxious but are still visible without close examination. Secondly, its simplicity guarantees its versatility with any clothing combination. Lastly, this wallet plays more than an aesthetic role. It has 4 card slots and cash sleeves, which provides ample space for all your bills and cards.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Navy Men’s Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the timeless brands with their finger in almost all clothing and accessories markets. Therefore, it is no surprise that they also have excellent wallets in their portfolio.

Made from pure black leather, this wallet is versatile to go with any type of dress you have, whether casual, semi-official, or official. The wallet’s simplicity distinguishes it from other products in the same market niche. The only adornment on the wallet is the simple navy, red, and white Tommy Hilfiger logo.

The Tommy Hilfiger Navy Men’s Wallet has a unique attribute: the cardholder is detachable from the wallet. If you need to go out with friends and don’t intend to carry any cash with you, you can always detach the cardholder and walk around with a lighter load. Remember, simplicity and minimalism often go hand in hand.

Tommy Hilfiger Cambridge Leather Passcase Billfold - Navy

4. SAINT LAURENT – Branded Leather Billfold Wallet

From the Parisian designer Saint Laurent comes this new billfold wallet. Like the Luca Faloni wallet, this wallet is also slim and bifold. Therefore, provided you do not stuff it with too many bills, you can hardly notice its weight in your back pocket.

While the wallet only comes in black, the simplicity of the design makes it worth every dollar you spend on your purchase. The wallet is made from 100% pure black leather, with only the brand name “Saint Laurent Paris” embossed in silver on the top.

This wallet has 8 card slots and two cash sleeves. Therefore, you can rest assured that the manufacturers are cognizant that many people are moving from cashless payment methods to e-wallets. With its simple design, all your cards can easily fit in your pockets.

5. POLO RALPH LAUREN – Pony-embossed Pebbled Leather Wallet

Every time you see the iconic logo of a rider atop a pony, you can be confident that the designs will be elegant and stylish. The same goes for the Polo Ralph Lauren leather wallet.

The wallet has expert but simple single-needle stitching around its edges, which maintains the aspect of simplicity while maintaining the elegance expected of designer accessories. Apart from the logo embossed on the bottom of the front face, this wallet has no extra adornments, making it ideal for anyone embracing the minimalist style. At 10 cm by 11 cm, the wallet has slim and narrow dimensions, thus ensuring that it can fit even in shallow jeans pockets.

Gold Investment | Build Your Financial Future | Vaulted

6. TOM FORD – Logo-embossed Leather Card Holder And Wallet

Leather products made in Italy are almost always the best all around. For any wallet enthusiast, the Tom Ford leather wallet with a cardholder is guaranteed to meet the hallmarks of elegance, style, simplicity, and durability.

This wallet is made from 100% calf leather with a black leather lining. The detail on the wallet makes it worth it for anyone keen on maintaining simplicity with small but outstanding features attached. The back of the wallet has grained leather, providing an intriguing texture.

The logo is embossed in foiled branding, which ensures permanence, regardless of how long you will have the wallet. At 7 cm by 10 cm, you can be certain of comfortability when walking around with the wallet in your pocket.

Screenshot 2023 01 19 205222


Black Classic Card Holder

Saffiano calfskin card holder in black.
· Gold-tone logo plaque at face
· Four card slots
· Central note slot
· Buffed sheepskin lining
· H2.75 x W4 in

Made in Italy.


7. AVOLT – Men Gray Wallets

Apart from your regular tan and black wallets, you must always have a gray wallet to supplement your regular choices. The Avolt gray wallet is the ideal choice for you.

With a simple single stitch on the border and only the Avolt logo on the front face, the wallet meets the standard of simplicity. The associated elegance comes from the smooth leather used in manufacturing. The wallet is also equipped with an RFID shield which keeps all your cards safe from any intrusion from data thieves. You can never go wrong with one such wallet in your wardrobe.

Screenshot 2023 01 02 150932

Wrapping up

Even with advancements in technology, wallets can never go out of style. As an elegant man, you must always get the most elegant wallets in your accessories collection. When it comes to wallets, the simpler the wallet design, the more refined it is likely to be. The options above will meet your requirements for elegance and simplicity when you return to the mall to get your next wallet. Remember, even though your wallet sits in your back pocket, it must never take the back seat.

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