How to take kratom
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5 Interesting tips on how to take kratom for lasting effects

Since ancient times, kratom has been said to be utilised in folk and traditional medicine. However, the status quo is shifting as kratom becomes more well-known in the West. One can know many things about kratom’s history and how to take kratom, applications, and other things, although it is mainly used today as a homeopathic medicine.

Although it is frequently marked as “not for human consumption”, kratom is typically used orally. The substance is sold as pills, tablets, raw leaves, gum, and kratom powder at smoke shops, pubs, and convenience stores. It is occasionally sold under the name mitragyna or by other names such as ketum, Thom, biak, or thang.

How to take kratom?

Kratom is often consumed by brewing a tea out of the material or combining it with water or a flavoured beverage when it is marketed as dried leaves. There are several ways for kratom ingestion.

Since kratom comes in various forms, it’s essential to understand which one is ideal. Because it might have immediate benefits, some kratom lovers believe that kratom powder is the best choice. Consider kratom powder if you want to be able to manage your dosage precisely.

The bitter and potent kratom is made from the finely powdered leaves of the tree. To mask the bitter flavour some people blend kratom powder into foods and drinks to mask the bitter taste. For those who are unfamiliar with kratom, there are several methods.

1. Take it directly as kratom powder

Powder form

Kratom may be used in various ways, but kratom powder is the best option for most users. It’s simple to obtain online, simple to use, and less expensive than other approaches.

Additionally, kratom powder allows you greater dosage control, enabling you to precisely adjust the dosage for the optimum experience.

Kratom powder has a very long shelf life, allowing you to purchase large quantities and keep it for months to years without much visible degradation in quality or performance.

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Powdered kratom from dried leaves

After being cultivated in its natural environment, kratom is harvested, gathered, and graded according to quality. Veins from the leaves and the leaves are dried before being processed into kratom powder. The secret to making high-quality kratom is patience. Experience in harvesting is essential, and careful observation determines when to harvest.

The kratom tree goes through many changes over its life cycle. These modifications continue even after the plant has grown to its maximum size. So, this may strongly impact the subsequent harvest of kratom leaves. The colour of the stems and veins of leaves is the most crucial of these variables.

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2. Take kratom early morning

One possibility can be to take it early in the morning. It just puts you in such a pleasant, cheerful, relaxed vibe, similar to a fond memory of a wet Friday night! A decent cup of kratom coffee in the morning is unbeatable! Coffee increases the effects of kratom. To extend the benefits of kratom, users typically take 5g of the green vein and then drink 10oz of coffee once it starts to work.

We have discovered that drinking coffee 30 minutes after taking kratom produces better synergy. 4-Caffeoyl-1-Quinide is a substance found in coffee. According to research, this substance has effects comparable to those of the opioid antagonist Naloxone. Because many people haven’t seen any weakened results from other caffeinated sources like tea, it’s highly plausible that this substance interacts with kratom.

While this molecule is easily soluble in hot water, it is also important to note that it is not highly soluble in cold or lukewarm water. In other words, if this substance causes a reducing impact, cold-brew coffee shouldn’t as well.

3. Use potent kratom strains

Kratom is often purchased from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, the three most powerful countries in the world. Indonesian kratom is Indo, and the terms of kratom from Malaysia and Thailand are Malay and Thai, respectively.

Typically, there are three hues for veins: green, red, and white. While many customers want to purchase kratom with all three colours present, some prefer to buy kratom with a specific colour vein.


Bali Kratom

One of the most popular kratom strains, Bali, is accessible for purchase online. The primary usage of this strain among users is to unwind. It enables the individual to maintain mental calmness and releases all of the body’s tension from the day. A little dose of Bali lasts for 5ā€“6 hours when the user is new and 4 hours when the user is accustomed to it.

Maeng Da Kratom

With its high alkaloid content, this strain of kratom is considered the most powerful. The alkaloids provide the person with a revitalised feeling. This is frequently used in place of morning coffee. The finest feature of this strain is that, even when the user is inexperienced, the effects last no more than four hours. Both the above strains will stay for a larger duration in the body.

4. Use Liquid Kratom Shot

The majority of full spectrum kratom extract sold nowadays are dual extracts. They have every alkaloid in the same proportion that the plant itself does.

Water-only extracts and improved extracts that include more mitragynine or 7-OH-mitragynine are the sole exceptions; we have seen them, and experts think the most widely used brand at least includes 7-OH-it. Although ethanol-only extracts could lack something since all alkaloids are soluble and present in negligible quantities, they should be fine.

In any event, the actual issue with extracts is not that they are deficient but rather incredibly difficult to dose correctly. Ever notice how the surface of the liquid has a thin filmy layer? Some of the less soluble alkaloids are present in it.

You need to disperse the alkaloids uniformly, even if you use a micropipette to measure the exact amount you’re taking in, or dilute the empty container and measure it in smaller amounts.

5. Take regular doses

Kratom is often used in doses ranging from 2 to 12 grams. A microdose is defined as less than 2 grams. A low dose is anything between 2 and 6. A larger dose, on the other hand, is anything greater than 6. Anything above eight is considered a higher dose.

We, therefore, suggest a different dose of this delight from southeast Asia Regular Users Vs People Struggling. The ideal way to use kratom for the initial time is to start with a smaller amount than you anticipate needing and gradually increase with each subsequent dose until you achieve the desired benefits.

Progressively increase until you experience the desired effect and the time you want to be under the euphoria. Consume what is necessary. There are more significant odds of adverse effects with higher doses.

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Can you take kratom tea as a dietary supplement?

Traditional methods for making kratom tea involve boiling leaves from the kratom tree. Kratom powder and more kratom strains can be put inside a tea. They were also employed to treat opium withdrawal or as a replacement for opium, a powerful painkiller. But scientists do not have enough evidence to support these claims of benefits from kratom in any form, such as powdered kratom.

The kratom tree’s leaves are brewed to make kratom tea. It might have a variety of uses, including pain alleviation, stimulating effects, and inclusion in conventional pharmaceutical preparations.

Does kratom come under psychoactive drugs?

Commonly referred to as “kratom”, this natural compound has stimulant and opioid-like effects. Although kratom and products derived from it are now legal and available in many places, US drug enforcement administrations, continue to analyse new research to guide kratom legislation. The US drug enforcement administration has not authorised any dose of kratom for safety concerns.

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Kratom dependence

You develop drug dependency when you require one or more medicines to function. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) previously distinguished abuse and dependency. The abuse was seen as the moderate or initial stage of unrestricted drug use that resulted in reliance. Kratom users believe that Kratom dependence is a more severe issue than substance use due to its sedative effects.

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Know about withdrawal symptoms

Kratom users may suffer a range of withdrawal symptoms if they’ve been taking a substance with a strong potential for dependence and stop using it suddenly or abruptly or if they dramatically reduce their use. Depending on the drug kind and your biological makeup, these symptoms’ length and intensity might vary considerably.

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What is opioid withdrawal?

At first look, kratom appears to provide a potential solution for easing the pain associated with opiate addiction and withdrawal. However, closer examination reveals that it shines more like fool’s gold than actual gold.

Although there is much anecdotal evidence that kratom may help treat opiate use problems, there aren’t many studies on the subject. While heroin and prescription medicines also activate opioid receptors, kratom does so in a distinct subset. Since many of these other medicines do not produce the same high, it does not.

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Watch out while taking kratom

Although many supporters believe it can ease opiate withdrawal, some are still concerned about its addictive qualities. While some could contend that this is the pinnacle of harm reduction, scientists think kratom may be susceptible to abuse and addiction with repeated usage.

Without regulation, consuming unintentional adulterants may be one of the dangers associated with kratom usage. Additionally, it appears that using kratom has some significant adverse effects.

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Disclaimer on drug abuse and kratom overdose

Kratom usually takes two to five hours to effect and stays for the same time. Kratom in high doses is quickly effective but could be equally harmful if prolonged. No dose of kratom should be considered a prescription drug and not be used as an emergency medicine. Kratom products and kratom use is not responsible for muscle pain-relieving effects. FDA warns that kratom use is not responsible for its excessive use.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have talked about how to take kratom, a herb from southeast Asia. Taking kratom with lemon juice, orange juice, or other citrus juices is also possible. According to need, kratom can be consumed in low, high, or even larger doses. You can mix them with kratom liquid or powder, but these products are not prescription drugs.

Take kratom in a limited amount, it can perform wonders in your body, but if you take kratom in an unregulated way, it could be no less than poison. Enjoy kratom responsibly so that you are safe from any mental health disorders.

Authorā€™s bio:

Alexander Reid is a kratom expert and journalist who discovered kratom about a decade ago. He is a kratom strain enthusiast who has profound knowledge of kratom and its variety of products that are available in the market. He immensely enjoys delving deep into research and studying kratom and its various strains. Please reach out to him if you have any questions or comments by emailing: You can also connect with him on twitter- and LinkedIn-

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