Geminos stacked computers

Stacked monitors: Health risks and proper setup

Having more monitors at your desk makes it that much easier to stay on top of your tasks. From reducing the time wasted when switching between tabs to allowing you to view and process information faster, stacked monitors are a must-have for your workstation setup.

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However, not setting up these devices properly can put your health at risk.

In this guide, we’re looking at the potential health risks of not setting up your stacked monitors right while also teaching you about creating the optimal setup. Let’s get started.

Health risks from an incorrect stacked monitor setup

Geminos stacked computers

Stacked monitors like Geminos are a notch above side-by-side monitor setups. Nonetheless, their many benefits can only be reaped if their setup is done correctly. If not, you put your health at risk with the following:

1. Musculoskeletal problems

The first major and serious health issue you’re vulnerable to is spinal strain, which affects not just your posture but also your neck and back.

When your monitor’s height isn’t ideal, you will end up twisting and stretching your spine in unnatural ways. When done long-term, this can result in considerable muscle damage accompanied by pain and discomfort.

2. Eye strain

Digital eye strain has become a common issue associated with screen use, and using more monitors only increases visual fatigue. This is because you’re constantly switching between screens, which may not have been placed at the right viewing angle and height to minimise strain.

3. Headaches

Are you straining your eyes, neck, or back and ignoring the pain or only managing it temporarily? Left unattended for a while, these issues can leave you with headaches during your workday and beyond.

Not only does physical stress like this affect your ability to work, but also the quality of your output.

Tips for proper setup of stacked monitors

Geminos stacked computers

Understanding the proper way to set up your stacked monitors can go a long way in ensuring you minimise potential health risks. Plus, you’ll also be able to improve your work quality and feel more relaxed during the workday.

Let’s check out some expert tips for improving a stacked monitor setup.

Viewing distance

When your stacked monitors are at the optimal viewing distance, you won’t feel any strain on your eyes or neck. You can easily check for strain by tracking your posture, eye fatigue, etc. Take note of whether you’re finding it hard to focus your eyes, if you’re leaning forward in your chair, if your neck has to tilt when looking at the screen, etc.

Do you think you’re facing any of these issues?

If so, put your stacked monitors at arm’s length. You can also make sure the distance between the screen and your eyes is between 20 to 40 inches. The right viewing distance that’s comfortable for you should be between this range.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle refers to how your monitor is positioned. If your monitors are too high or low an angle, they’ll cause neck pain and eye fatigue.

Optimal placement for stacked monitors requires you to keep your monitor slightly below eye level, between 0 and 30 degrees. This ensures that your neck and spine movement is smooth and comfortable.

Of course, if you’re only glancing at the second monitor occasionally and for a shorter duration, you can leave it as it is. Just make sure to slide the most used monitor into the optimal viewing position.

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Looking at different screens is stressful enough without the addition of switching to different resolutions. Not only does this cause you eye strain, but it also obstructs your flow state.

To prevent it from happening, make sure you’re setting both stacked screens to the same resolution. You can adjust the feature from your control panel’s display tab or get in touch with customer support if you can’t find the setting.

Field of vision

Your field of vision is the horizontal space that your eyes cover to get a good look at the entire screen. Note that this factor is affected by the features of your stacked monitor itself.

The wider your field of vision, the more you’ll need to move your eyes and neck, straining both in the process. To ensure your movements are limited and within the comfortable range, you should go for a monitor with a width between 20 and 30 inches. This way, your horizontal eye and neck movement will not go beyond your central field of vision.

When you place your stacked monitors at optimal viewing distance, you can keep an eye on both screens without the risk of any strain.

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Geminos: The best ergonomic stacked desktop monitor

It should be quite clear that not all stacked monitors will work with the setup conditions we’ve noted above.

Think about it. A good viewing distance, viewing angle, resolution, and field of vision all depend on the device’s built-in features.

Thankfully, the Geminos stacked monitor comes with adjustable height and viewing angle. What’s more, you also get a 24-inch screen on both monitors. This helps you find your optimal workstation setup within the safe range without compromising on your preferences.

The device also features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that ensures you can view every detail clearly without having to zoom in and out. That way, you can continue to use the same resolution on both monitors.

Screenshot 2024 05 11 193852
The Geminos Dual 24” Monitor with Stand
Dual 24-inch stacked monitors – Two USB Type C and Two HDMI ports connectivity – 10-in-1 multiport docks – Built-in webcam, speakers and microphone – 65W USB-C pass-through charging – Adjustable height and viewing angle


Whether you’re a video editor, streamer, college professor, or musician, a stacked monitor is the best investment for your career. Back and neck pain are only some of the many health risks you have to face when you don’t know how to set up your stacked monitors. We hope our guide to the correct setup will help you leave all worries of pain, discomfort, or health risks in the past.


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