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How a sparky can increase their customer base with as little effort as possible

If you’re a sparky and you own a business, it’s likely that you would be open to the idea of having a steady stream of new customers. Furthermore, those customers would quite literally be delivered to your doorstep, so to speak with very little to do on your part other than keep providing an award-winning service.

As the manager or owner of your own company, you’ll surely appreciate that acquiring new clients tends to warrant a massive amount of time and effort that could, and probably is spent elsewhere. The great thing is, whilst you continue to do what you’re good at, the rest can be taken care of for you and here’s how.

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What can a sparky do to acquire new clients

Digi marketing

Being a business owner, you as a sparky should ideally have a website or some other online presence by now to enhance your company’s online profile. The trouble is, most tradespeople don’t dedicate enough time and effort when it comes to the daily management of their content. It’s not surprising really considering the number of other bits there are to juggle and keep on top of.

With that in mind, it’s imperative to understand that the promotion and the manner in which your company’s image is managed hold the key to drawing in more clients to your door.

These days, a sparky having a homepage and a few pics just isn’t enough, especially in light of the fierce online rivalry already in place fighting for the top slots on all advertising platforms.

A good electrician in Rye is a highly skilled technician in their field of expertise. It’s these kinds of attributes that can and will set you apart from the norm.

Use tried and tested to reel them in

Companies all over the world use a variety of strategies that have shown to be the most effective. These strategies include such things as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is categorised as an organic way of promoting your business and doesn’t require you to pay for advertisements directly.

Essentially, you as a sparky would advertise on a variety of platforms, such as social media outlets; using various techniques to best suit your target audience.

No doubt you’ll have heard of Google already and probably use their services in one way or another daily, Google offers a really good service to business owners/managers, like yourself, called Google ads.

Essentially, they are a paid form of advertising and look just like the ads you might see in the results of your most recent Internet search, likely using a Google search engine.

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Lend a hand mate

You might already be thinking, how on earth am I, a sparky, supposed to get on with all of this and do everything else needed in order to keep the business running?

Well, welcome, most people think exactly the same thing so, you are not alone, you’re all in the same boat and, it’s precisely the reason why articles like this are written, with a view of helping you get where you need to be, perhaps upping the IQ a little, without causing you too much of a headache.

A quick Internet search for companies near you offering online marketing services should be all it takes, have a look and see what you think.


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