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Could psilocybin be your solution to pain? (replacing opioids)

Pain is a prevalent symptom associated with various underlying conditions, and articulating the experience of pain can be highly subjective. While numerous diseases manifest pain as a common symptom, the conventional approach to addressing it involves the use of painkillers.

Opioids, recognised as potent pain relievers, are for cases where primary treatments prove ineffective. The drawback lies in the side effects and the addictive nature associated with their use.

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Some studies suggest that shrooms online might offer a viable substitute for opioids in pain management. How exactly? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the potential merits of such alternatives.

Key takeaways:

  • Psilocybin shows promising effects in managing pain with a lower risk of addiction.
  • Psilocybin can manage the treatment of smoking, alcohol, and opioid addiction.
  • Opioids, classified as pain relievers, possess the potential for misuse owing to the euphoric sensations they can induce.
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First, what about opioids?

Opioids represent a diverse category of pain-relief medications that interact with brain cells. These medications traverse the bloodstream and bind to opioid receptors within the brain, thereby intercepting pain signals and heightening sensations of pleasure. While the efficacy of opioid medicines in pain management is noteworthy, we need to recognise the risks, too.

At moderate doses, opioids may induce drowsiness, while higher doses can have more severe consequences. The pleasurable or euphoric sensations induced by opioid consumption might create a desire for increased frequency and dosage.

This inclination can evolve into a problematic pattern that leads to addiction, where one loses control over opioid use, profoundly affecting both brain function and behaviour.

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Psilocybin can take opioids place, but how?

Neuroimaging research, coupled with interventions using classic psychedelics, suggests a potential avenue for enhancing the management of chronic pain at both mechanical and experiential levels.

Psychedelic compounds interact with the 5-HT2A receptors within the central nervous system. Psilocybin exhibits comparable effects to LSD, which influence cognition, emotional processing, self-awareness, and the perception of pain.

There is a connection between psychedelic drugs and the promotion of neuroplasticity. Examining this connection, psilocybin might offer a unique avenue for addressing phantom limb pain. The reasoning behind this lies in the drug’s ability to foster the development of fresh, functional connections and pathways within brain regions associated with both body self-image and the perception of pain.

An alternative perspective posits that the profound psychedelic experience itself could act as a sort of “restart mechanism”. This intriguing notion, put forth by Fadel Zeidan, a member of PHRI and associate director for research at the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, suggests that the intense psychedelic encounter may play a role in modulating the sensation of pain.

Another case series detailing the experiences of three individuals grappling with chronic neuropathic pain sheds light on the intriguing phenomenon of microdosing with psilocybin. Noteworthy observations include the limited occurrence of side effects and a noticeable reduction in the reliance on conventional analgesic agents.


Why psilocybin is better than opioids?

Individuals experiencing lung conditions and respiratory challenges may face difficulties in handling the respiratory depression induced by opioids.   Regular opioid use often results in the development of tolerance that prompts individuals to increase their drug intake in pursuit of the initial levels of pain relief and euphoria. This escalating pattern can lead to both psychological and physical dependence.It is a relatively safe substance for most individuals. Its effects have either a positive impact or no discernible influence on one’s daily life and functioning.   The limited impact on dopamine levels and the swift development of tolerance collectively contribute to the perceived low risk of addiction.   Instances of shroom overdose are exceptionally infrequent, with an elevated dosage leading to induced vomiting as a natural mechanism for the body to expel the substance.

Did you know shrooms can also manage addiction of any kind?

In a study by Johns Hopkins University, a substantial number of 15 participants successfully achieved smoking cessation for at least 16 months. This positive outcome was due to administering two to three moderate-to-high-level doses of psilocybin.

Likewise, a noteworthy proof-of-concept study on alcohol use disorder, spearheaded by Michael Bogenschutz, a distinguished professor of psychiatry at New York University Grossman School of Medicine. They reported a significant increase in abstinence rates among individuals grappling with addiction after the use of psilocybin.

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How to use shrooms according to studies

Unlocking the potential therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms for pain relief involves two distinct approaches: one-time consumption, which may result in a psychedelic experience, or the practice of microdosing.


Macrodosing involves ingesting quantities of mushrooms sufficient to induce a mild to potent psychedelic experience. The required dosage varies from person to person; for some, effects may manifest with as little as 1 gramme, while others may need 3.5 grammes.

The impact of macrodosing can extend beyond the immediate psychedelic trip. Individuals opting for higher doses space out their mushroom intakes, often waiting a month or more before considering another session.


Microdosing involves ingesting small quantities of mushrooms to ensure no hallucinogenic impact. Users report enhanced mood and increased productivity without the characteristic psychedelic experiences associated with larger doses.

Microdosing necessitates a regulated psilocybin intake on a predetermined schedule. This approach involves alternating days of substance ingestion and abstinence to allow the body to recover and prevent the development of tolerance.

One advantage of microdosing is its minimal impact on cognitive function, so you can seamlessly engage in your daily tasks without significant alterations in thought processes.


Opioids have been a traditional choice for patients, but an emerging perspective suggests that psilocybin presents itself as a compelling alternative. Unlike opioids, psilocybin demonstrates a reduced potential for addiction and boasts a prolonged efficacy lasting for months. This unique attribute allows individuals to experience the therapeutic benefits without the need for continuous medication. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are now easily accessible online for individuals seeking quick access to alternative remedies.

Frequently asked questions

Can I order magic mushrooms in small amounts?

Each online dispensary may have unique guidelines, with some specifying a minimum order threshold and others offering the flexibility to order just a single item. Familiarising yourself with the dispensary’s ordering rules ensures a seamless and tailored experience in acquiring your desired mushrooms.

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Can you get your shroom orders on the same day?

This will depend on the dispensary. Some offer same-day delivery while others offer mail-order. Get into the habit of checking the dispensary’s shipping policy on that matter.

Can I return my orders when I don’t like them?

The return policy varies among dispensaries, with each establishment setting its terms. Returning a product simply due to personal preference may not be a valid reason. Dispensaries process returns in cases where the packaging has been tampered with or if you have received an incorrect item.

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What is the most potent strain of mushroom available online?

Belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis family, Penis Envy and its variant stand out as one of the most potent forms within this category. The P cubensis strains are also a cost-effective choice, given its widespread availability in the market.

What are other substitutes for dried mushrooms?

It is possible that you can find many mushroom-infused products online, like edibles, beverages, and capsules. Each item contains psilocybin, complemented by additional ingredients such as nootropic mushrooms to provide a unique blend that aims to deliver enhanced benefits.


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