Massage therapy
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How massage therapy is exactly what you need to be happier

Working tirelessly never ends. Believing that if you do a little more work every chance you get would eventually set you free, is only fooling yourself. The demands of life would keep coming and killing out yourself is the worst thing you can do. It is time for you to think about including massage therapy into your life.

ā€œPeople fall asleep deeply in my therapeutic spa and when it is over, they act like they have nowhere to go. Seeing their reactions after they unwind is very satisfying for me,ā€ says massage therapist Chantelle Wilson-Reece of Amour Noir Studio in Bon Air, Arouca. She says that people are drunk with relaxation after her treatment and become addicted to the experience that she provides.

When you include a weekly session of deep relaxation into your busy schedule, you receive numerous health benefits that keep you going. You are much happier than you would ever be when you relieve the built-up pain in your neck, back, shoulders and joints. Most importantly, you save yourself heavy medical expenses in the near future.

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Benefits and services of massage therapy

Working hard is not a problem, but doing it more than taking time out for yourself is the reason for the body pains and health issues. Chantelle recommends that you take a break from your busy schedule once a week and book your appointment with her to enjoy what her clients say is the best calming experience that a busy person can get.

She states, ā€œThe benefits of massage therapy are countless and are not limited to just vanity or leisure as some people may think. Massage therapy from relaxation strokes to therapeutic techniques and modalities offer wholistic healing.

ā€œFrom the very first step which is a thorough consultation to the final touches in the massage are all tailored to the client’s needs whether it be to increase blood circulation, detox harmful waste from toxin build up, break-down of scarring tissue which can limit movement, stimulate nerve endings for stroke patients and even to simply de-stress from an overwhelming day.ā€

You can schedule your appointment or direct message your questions to Chantelle on WhatsApp at 868-705-8430 or Instagram at Amour Noir Studio. Here are the services that she provides at her studio and through house calls.


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Express Massage

Swedish Massage

Energise your body and improve overall health with a Swedish Massage. Enjoy the benefits of percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping and rolling with oil or lotion. Other than relaxing your body, this massage is beneficial to your heart, reduces symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety, boosts your immune system, improves flexibility and improves your mood.

Full Body

Treat yourself now to enjoy the benefits of a full body massage. A massage of your arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, back, stomach and buttocks will eliminate muscular pain and contraction, long-lasting pain of injuries, and the effect of surgery, enhances flexibility and posture, boosts your immune system and reduces migraine and headaches.

Back, Shoulders and Neck

A massage of the back, shoulders and neck helps to reduce muscular tension and ease day-to-day stress. Book your appointment now to recover muscle soreness, reduce migraines and eye strains, improve positive moods, and strengthen your immune system.

Legs and Feet

Improve your blood circulation with a massage of your legs and feet. This helps in relaxation, promotes better sleep, relieve body pains, improves your mood and fights depression, gives you healthier feet and alleviates swelling.

Head and Face

What better way to ease migraine or headache pain than a head and face massage? This also lowers blood pressure, improves circulation to your head and neck, and to top it off, it promotes hair growth. Book yourself an appointment now to enjoy these benefits.

Hands/Feet Reflexology

At Amour Noir Studio, you can reduce stress and anxiety with the right amount of pressure on exactly the right spots on the hands and feet. This will lift depression and improve your mood. You receive pain relief; your blood flow improves, and you enjoy better sleep habits.

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Therapeutic Massage


Enjoy relaxation, pain management and an improved mood that are enhanced with essential oils when you receive aromatherapy. Book your appointment now for this service and put yourself back in order.

Hot Stones Therapy

Added to your regular massage that already provides pain and stress relief, you can enjoy the additional benefits of hot stones therapy. This massage therapy increases joint flexibility, decreases muscle spasms and tension, and offers better sleep for those who suffer with insomnia.


If you have injured tissues, then schedule your appointment now for thermotherapy. Applying heat to your skin and the action of rubbing reduce the production of inflammatory prostaglandins from arachidonic acid which helps to ease swelling and pain.

Deep Tissue Therapy

While a regular message is relaxing, deep tissue therapy may not be, but it offers benefits to persons with chronic aches and pains. It relieves joint restrictions, knots and adhesions in muscle and fascia. Also, the person choosing this massage therapy must have a decent tolerance for pain.

Sport Therapy

Athletes can benefit from a combination of massage techniques depending on the needs and condition of the athlete when doing sport therapy. Massage therapy for sports injuries not only concentrates on sports injuries that have occurred, but can also help prevent injuries.

Stimulation/Pain Relief Therapy

The main benefit of stimulation/pain relief therapy is the fact that it is non-invasive treatment for your pain. This massage can ease pain by working tension out of muscles and joints, relieving stress and anxiety, and possibly helping to distract you from pain by introducing a “competing” sensation that overrides pain signals. 

In closing

These are the benefits and services of massage therapy that Amour Noir Studio offers in Bon Air, Arouca and through house calls. Improve your overall health by adding this activity to your busy schedule and you would be a healthier and happier person. You can book your appointment or direct message your questions to Chantelle via:

– WhatsApp at 868-705-8430

– Instagram @amournoirstudio

Be sure to click Follow for updates of services offered and pricing.


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