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5 Essential oils to get rid of insomnia

You will often hear healers, herbalists, and witch doctors say that essential oils have magical powers, which is valid to a large extent. Essential oils are more than just beautifying components that help you relax. From the beginning of time until today, essential oils have been used in many healing and rejuvenating products. In this piece, you will explore some of the best essential oil that can work wonders for insomnia.

As per health and medical research, suitable essential oils can increase your sleep time and positively affect the quality of your sleep. The following types of essential oils can help you fight severe stages of sleep disorders. Take a look.

5 essential oils to help you fight sleep disorders

1. Cannabidiol oil

As per studies, several health issues can lead to insomnia, including anxiety, chronic pain, overthinking, and more. Out of several essential oils that help control symptoms of sleeping disorders, CBD stands as one of the most popular ones nowadays. A large percentage of people today use cannabidiol solutions for insomnia and minimal sleep disorders. Cannabinoids in CBD oil can effectively communicate with your endocannabinoid system that aids the body to preserve a state of stability, homeostasis, and balance.

Research has shown that about 160 mg of CBD oil enhances the duration of sleep when compared to a placebo. Moreover, 300 – 600 mg of CBD oil can reduce cortisol stress hormone at night, which helps people sleep peacefully. For more information, you can visit

2. Lavender oil

Lavender is a legend in the history of natural cures for agitation, anxiety, and insomnia. It is available in several forms to treat insomnia symptoms, but the oil form is one of the most authentic, effective, and traditional ones. Lavender has natural properties that can deal efficiently with different anxiety and stress levels in the human mind and the body. Lavender helps you sleep better and enables you to be energetic, calm, and free of low moods. Lavender oil is easy to use as you can dab a few drops on your skin, spray it on your pillow, and add it to your creams and lotion.

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3. Peppermint oil

Peppermint is one of the top favourites of essential oil lovers in the world. Peppermint comes with a fragrance and feels that is different from any of their essential oils out there. It is famous for promoting feelings of restfulness by keeping your mind clean and clear for a long time. The components of peppermint oil are extracted from pure peppermint leaves.

It is not just good for relaxing your veins and putting you off to sleep like a baby but also reducing symptoms of dust sensitivities and seasonal allergies. If you want a strong and effective solution for your chronic illnesses or sleep issues, peppermint oil is what you need.

It is one of the fastest working essential oils when it comes to healing agitation and sleep disorders, and you can count on it for a goodnight’s sleep. If you find the essence of peppermint oil too strong and edgy for your taste, you can also choose blended peppermint essential oils. There are essential oils that are a blend of more than one natural extract.

4. Chamomile oil

Chamomile was always popular as a tea until the essential oils came on to the market. The soothing properties of chamomile oil and its perks in inviting sleep are more generic than specific. The direct effects of chamomile oil on the body’s temperature and rhythms are negligible. Remember that when it is diffused in the atmosphere, the floral and subtle aroma emits a relaxing and calming outcome in mind. Roman chamomile, with its breezy apple-tinged essence, is the epitome for staving off anxiety symptoms.

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5. Jasmine oil

Studies also state that jasmine can cut down symptoms of restlessness and enhance daytime alertness. People with ADHD students with fickle minds find this safe and herbal remedy a jackpot in need. If you have a mild sleep disorder and want to calm down your environment when you go to bed, jasmine is your option. Jasmine essential oil comes with a floral and feminine scent.

Researchers say that it has got severe sleep-quality promoting capacities. It can regulate the breathing rate and heart rate by making the nerves in your body feel more stable and robust. This oil is made out of numerous jasmine plant species that have been found to possess medicinal properties. Jasmine can also promote hormonal health in women, with hormonal irregularity and crams being one of the prominent causes of low-quality sleep at night.

The bottom line

Keep in mind that people suffering from sleep disorders choose different types of essential oils. This is because every kind of essential oil works differently for different people. In that case, you can simply select an essence based on your sleep issues and preference. Try the same for a certain period until you notice your sleep cycle’s positive differences. Essential oils are hundred percent natural and safe to use. Make sure that you pick a brand that only provides only organic and authentic free essential oils. If you are not sure which oil to choose, consult with an expert. But if your sleep disorder or insomnia persists, then go to a doctor before it’s too late!


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