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Sal Martella, fitness and nutrition expert.

Healthy lifestyle: 3 simple techniques for improved living habits

There are numerous New Year’s resolutions out there touting recommendations to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle in a million different ways, from sleep habits to fashion choices.

However, trying to turn your life around in a matter of days by adopting a dozen new habits may not be so healthy and beneficial after all. It can be too difficult to keep up with all of the changes at once.

Sal Martella, the fitness and nutrition expert and founder of the plant-based protein brand EVR-Fit Edge, is a fan of gradually making small but meaningful changes that all add up, resulting in a bigger shift in your lifestyle and mindset over time compared to a total instant overhaul.

Read on to learn the three techniques that helped Martella maintain his healthy living habits over the years.

3 simple techniques for a healthy lifestyle

Train your discipline

As obvious as it might be, discipline is where all major life changes start. Whether you are looking to introduce a regular training programme into your lifestyle or establish a good sleep regime, discipline and consistency are key to achieving the desired results for a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve been a lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast which later led me to a career in healthcare. As someone who has been regularly training for several decades, eventually becoming a natural bodybuilder, I have come to learn that there really are no shortcuts to improving your lifestyle.

“If you are serious about your own health and fitness, you need to start with small steps, maintain consistency and be disciplined about your exercise commitments,” shares Martella.

Healthy lifestyle

Incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet

If there was one piece of universal health advice that would benefit most people, it would be to start incorporating more plant-based foods, and more vegetables in general, into your diet. This habit gives you a healthy lifestyle naturally.

Numerous studies have shown that plant-based foods improve overall gut health, lower cholesterol, and normalise blood sugar in the long run. 

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“Whether you are looking to try and switch to a fully plant-based or vegan diet, or you just want to add more plant-based dishes or products into your daily diet, there are many options available to you. Start experimenting with new recipes, listen to your body, and see how different dishes make you feel – eventually, you will be able to find the optimal diet for you. For me, as a person who actively trains on almost a daily basis, the fitness community has always been preoccupied with whey protein powders, which I used for many years due to a lack of suitable plant-based alternatives.

“Although whey protein powders improved my muscle recovery, they also caused a number of unwanted side effects, especially by negatively affecting my gut health and digestion. This inspired me to create EVR-Fit Edge, the first 100% clean, premium plant-based protein formula that’s packed full of natural antioxidants and nutrients,” continues Martella. 

Healthy lifestyle
Antioxidant Berry Blend

Focus on one habit at a time

As tempting as it may be to do a total overhaul of your lifestyle starting January 1st, trying to change too many things at once may not be sustainable and can eventually become impossible to maintain. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, focus on one habit at a time.

“Instead of jumping straight into making a big number of changes to your life in a matter of days or weeks, try to prioritise the changes you want to make, understand your “why”, and focus on one habit per month. It takes time to turn your new habit into a lifelong practice that you will stick to for years to come, so be intentional and kind to yourself when making these changes,” concludes Martella.


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