Free worksheets

Free worksheets: Download activities for English, Math, Accounting, Science and Technology

Make teaching and learning fun and easy with these downloadable free worksheets. They cover lessons in several subject areas for toddlers, big kids, teenagers, and adults.

The free worksheets fall under the categories:

Some of these worksheets also have free wordlists and downloadable posters to help support topics.

These free worksheets can be used to introduce topics with fun activities to trace, colour, draw, circle, match and fill in the blanks. They can also be used to assess students after lessons with fill-in-the-blanks activities and multiple-choice questions.

Click the links or images to access and download the free worksheets to equip your classroom with fun activities.

Download free worksheets for lessons

English worksheets

Use these free worksheets to teach English letters, beginning, middle and end sounds, vowels, consonants, vowel teams, word-building, homophones, synonyms and antonyms. Some of these free worksheets go with free posters.

Learn English worksheets

These free worksheets are suitable for lessons in phonics, phonological and phonemic awareness, reading intervention, poetry, literacy for adults, and English as a second language.

Math worksheets

Get children familiar with numbers 0 to 30 with free worksheets to trace, colour and count objects. They can convert numbers to words, learn place values, and understand the operations of numbers – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

These free worksheets cover quantity as in more and less, direction as in before and after, left and right, and number of sides in shapes. The free worksheets also cover times tables activities with supporting free posters.

Math worksheets

Accounting worksheets

Learn basic accounting with these worksheets and posters. They cover ALICE accounts in detail to ensure students understand what are assets, liabilities, income, capital and expenses.

These worksheets explore debit and credit, interest and discounts, profit and loss, and tax with quizzes and activities to fill in the blanks.

Also, there are numerous free posters to download and stick on the wall of your study area on accounting cycle, transactions, journals, ledgers, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet, bad debts, depreciation, errors that do not affect the trial balance, ratios and control accounts.

Accounting principles worksheets and posters

Science and Technology worksheets

Make science and technology class fun with these worksheets. Give children plenty to colour as they learn about living beings and the names of adults and their young, and animal groups like amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles.

Learning about heating and cooling devices can be made interesting when children get to colour appliances. Teach time on an analogue clock with worksheets to draw hands on clocks that allow you to count in 5s, quarters, and Roman Numerals. Also, use these worksheets to colour different types of weather and seasons.

Science and technology worksheets


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