Full Time Online Job Opportunity

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      Full Time Online Job Opportunity

      Full Time Online Job Opportunity

      Full Time Online Job Opportunity

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      As an integration manager you will be working toward the integration of Kleros into new projects. This position will require both a strong technical & scientific culture to make meaningful integration proposals and strong business skills to close deals with potential partners.


      • Research and identify projects which would benefit from integrating with Kleros.
      • Investigate project processes to determine the best way they could integrate with Kleros.
      • Identify the relevant contact channels (mail, social networks, event where team members are attending) and contact project decision makers to propose them Kleros integrations.
      • Establish and maintain strong relationships with relevant projects.
      • Write integration proposals according to projects needs and wants. Collaborate with projects, CTO and the cryptoeconomic researcher to improve those proposals.
      • Close integration deals with projects and manage the relations between the projects and the Kleros dev team.
      • Gather feedback from partner projects, help with continuous improvements and propose new Kleros usages.

      Required skills

      • Use of CRM tools.
      • Ability to understand partners and potential partners needs.
      • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
      • Solution selling and presentation skills.
      • Ability to work remotely and autonomously.
      • Negotiation and closing skills.
      • Understanding of software development.
      • Ability to explain technical issues to technical and non-technical audiences.
      • Interest in blockchain and decentralized technologies.
      • Understanding of blockchain, decentralized applications and of the dapps as building bricks logic.
      • A technical or scientific competence in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Mathematics, Operation research, Game Theory, Economy or related field.
      • A business or marketing competence.
      • Bachelor or Master degree or equivalent level acquired through a work experience.
      • Education reflecting a technical/scientific and business/marketing competence. This can be fulfilled by:
      • A degree which is both technical/scientific and business/marketing in nature. Ex: Business Informatics, Business Engineering or Information System Management.
      • A double major or dual degree in technical/scientific and business or related fields.
      • A technical/scientific degree with a business/marketing oriented elective. Ex: Computer Science Engineering degree with elective specialty ‘Management of Innovative Projects’.
      • A business/marketing degree with a technical oriented elective. Ex: Business & Technology major with a concentration in Information Systems.
      • A bachelor in one field and a master in another field. Ex: Computer Science bachelor and Master in marketing.
      • Work experiences which are both technical/scientific and business/marketing in nature. Ex: Integration manager, technical account manager, scientific journalist.
      • A technical/scientific and a business/marketing work experience. Ex: A previous position as a software engineer and another position as a business developer

      Apply Now

      Full Time Online Job Opportunity

      About Kleros

      Kleros is an open source online dispute resolution protocol which uses blockchain and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes. Development efforts are coordinated by Coopérative Kleros, a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) incorporated in France. All our research and code development are open source and free for anyone to use.

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