Defprince! artiste of Feeling Good soca for 2018.

‘Feeling Good’ A 2018 Soca Hit For Everyone

“All are included, children, nerds, elderly and religious persons. This is a soca hit for everyone. No one is excluded,” says artiste Defprince! He wants everyone to feel and spread the joy of love, consideration, gratitude and happiness with his 2018 soca ‘Feeling Good which he says was inspired through good vibes.

Usually, Defprince! would have a strong feeling about a social matter, feel inclined to comment on it through music, and in most cases, the lyrical content would be created before the rhythm or beat. This time, however, he says, “The process was a bit different as the primary emphasis was for the vibe in the music rendering the lyrics as secondary. The whole idea was for EVERYONE to spread joy, celebrate, and FEEL GOOD in any little quest they may encounter.”

Defprince! artiste of Feeling Good soca for 2018.
Defprince! Feeling good.

The artiste behind ‘Feeling Good’

Defprince! was born in Belmont, Port of Spain. He has been a Visual Arts teacher under the Ministry of Education for the past sixteen years. He enjoys an occasional game of chess, listening to and creating music, watching and creating movies, and art.

He says that he deliberately stays away from songs that are limited to the festive season. “I believe that music along with the messages is eternal, it should be available and useful throughout the entire year, now, yesterday and even in the future,” he says.

Reviews and interviews

‘Feeling Good’ was launched in October 2017 with 100% positive reviews thus far from the listening public. Defprince! was interviewed by DJs on four local radio stations who also gave him positive feedback.

Fostering tolerance and appreciation

Members of the public can enjoy his song by clicking the link 2018 soca ‘Feeling Good‘ or by requesting that ‘Feeling Good’ by Defprince! be played on the radio stations. The artiste encourages all to ponder over the video on YouTube as well and use it as a means of therapy or even as a patriotic piece that fosters tolerance and appreciation for the good that we still have and enjoy as a people amid the chaos and confusion.

Learn more about Defprince!

Readers can click the links below to learn more about Defprince!, connect with him, and enjoy more of his music.




Playlist on his YouTube channel: 

November 2017

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