Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate: His final message

By Jevan Soyer. If you have been on the internet at all during the last 3 months you may have come across Andrew Tate. Former MMA Champion and self-proclaimed “Top G” has been banned from Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Tate then took to Vimeo to record, “Andrew Tate’s Final Message”. The more than one-hour long video tried to address some of the concerns that has made infamous in recent history. Andrew Tate became viral and the most searched topic according to Google Trends due to clips that he says were taken out of context. The clips centred mainly on his opinions on women and relationships.


If you are interested in seeing “Andrew Tate’s Final Message” in its entirety, it can be viewed below. It stops short of being an apology video, and if you have ever seen a video starring Andrew Tate you would know that he never misses an opportunity to flaunt his wealth. He instead constantly makes reference to the fact that he is the most famous man alive and genius intellect.

Andrew Tate, most popular social media influencer

“Regardless of whether i am banned reinstated remain on social media is completely beside the point this is just a matter of clearing the air while I have the national consciousness. I was massively a victim of my own success I decided to accelerate my public persona and presence about six months ago and i was massively successful. I became the most googled man on the planet, I am by the metrics of the internet the most famous individual who is currently live in the world today.”

Andrew Tate may the most popular social media influencer right now, but he is not the most famous man in the world. If you extend the Google Trends search to 12 months and include names that are known to be more famous men, you would see a totally different picture.

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It is an incorrect claim, which can be easily disproven with a simple search and the fact that most people would not recognise him on the street. The claim is still based in some fact, enough to make it credible, and that is how Andrew Tate sucks in his followers. He makes an outrageous claim, somewhat grounded in reality, enough to give him credibility and before you know it, the suggestable believe everything he says.

Andrew Tate’s Final Message

“I want to stick to my message I don’t want to backtrack I still want to champion men’s issues, I still want to champion physical and mental strength, I still want to champion the protection of women. I still want to do that however I must be ultra-aware of how I do that because it would be unprofessional of me as a man to sit and say that my messaging does not have to change in line with my fame.

The way you can say things in a video that gets 500 views is very different than the way you can say things in a video that gets 500 million views or 50 million views you have to change your messaging.”

Andrew Tate became famous by the way he says things. If Andrew Tate was a little more toned back and wasn’t as driven or passionate about what he says people would not have given him a second look. His videos would not have gone viral, and gained the type of fame that he now flaunts.

He became known for making outrageous claims that offend people and ruffle some feathers. Another aspect to how Andrew Tate speaks, is his tone. This has also played into why he has been essentially cancelled on social media.

“I believe everything I said I believe in protecting women, I believe in championing women, I believe in making sure that women are provided for however, that video was made when I was far less famous. In light of the things I just said to you earlier in this video I understand that now as my fame grows, even though to me my message is very clear. A man has certain roles in society, a woman has certain roles in society and when we work as a team when we love each other society is better. As a whole I think that these views are not very controversial at all, I think they were mainstream only a few years ago. I don’t think that they’re controversial most of the people I meet in the world don’t think they’re controversial the women I hang around with don’t think they’re controversial. Nobody on the street I’ve ever met thinks they’re controversial everybody agrees with me.”

Andrew Tate spends a few minutes discussing his views on women and relationships. Stating that he has actually defended and championed women on several occasions. He then shows a few clips to demonstrate this point.

This does not discount the fact that his most viral clips are of him making negative comments about other people and about women. Andrew Tate is a rich man and rich men are often surrounded by yes men, either intentionally or not, it evolved into that situation because people want to keep their jobs, contracts, etc. So, it is doubtful that he could rely on this echo chamber to gauge public sentiment.

“Somebody I have no idea who has made a Tik Tok where it says, men do certain things, and it shows videos of me driving around in cars spending money and women do certain things, and it shows women cleaning women do certain things and men do certain things. Somebody off their own back, somebody else has made that video I didn’t tell them to. I don’t know who they are I don’t know what their account is, it’s just viral on the internet somewhere and now I look like I’m saying women should only clean and men should only run around with cars and women and money.”

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This is where the question of how Andrew Tate got so famous gets answered. In the above quote Andrew Tate is simplifying his involvement regarding viral clips of his videos.

Originally, Andrew Tate was not on social media, he would be a guest on podcasts, where he would say some very polarising statements and then clips of these would go viral. He was the most popular person on TikTok, without having an actual TikTok account.

The aim of getting all of this exposure, was to promote his programme called “Hustlers’ University”, where for just US$49.99 per month you too can be just like Andrew Tate.

There was some affiliate marketing or MLM style marketing as part of this programme, where you would get a commission from recruiting new members to Hustlers’ University.

Some have labelled it a Ponzi scheme. The way you were supposed to recruit new students was by using clips from podcasts across social media.

He encouraged his students to do this as part of his course, the problem is without any guidance the message that the students were putting out there was what they got out of Hustlers’ University and not what he may have been trying to get across.

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He says, “a small clip was taken out of context and used against me and weaponised now I look like I’ve said things. I did not say and no matter how positive my message about women if the intention is to try and make me look bad even with a clip like that they found a way to make me look bad.”

Most likely, one of Andrew Tate’s own paying students may have created this TikTok he’s referencing. His own fan base essentially laid the trap that he fell into.

In an effort to spread Tate’s messages and help make a name for him people have created what Andrew can really only chalk up to misinterpretations of what he said and made them go viral.

So, some of the blame should go to Andrew Tate’s fans that are supposedly taking what he says out of context and spinning whole new narratives that Andrew apparently doesn’t support.

So, what does this mean for Andrew Tate?

His final message was not the last that he had to say on the issue. Shortly after, he aired a video titled “Tate is here to stay” and then he and his brother Tristan streamed on their Rumble channel “Tate Speech”, a one hour plus podcast that had gotten 600,000+ views in 48 hours.

In this podcast, the Tate brothers encourage their followers to join them on Rumble, they also allude that banning them from social media is the equivalent to censorship and basically the man-o-sphere is now leaderless and would result in young men having no support system.

In fact, they go on to state that they are not cancelled and are even doing better before based on the numbers of the above-mentioned stream. So, it seems like Andrew Tate is not going anywhere soon.


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