WhatsApp Dark Mode now available

For more than two years, users of WhatsApp have been clambering for a WhatsApp Dark Mode as available on other apps such as Messenger by Facebook. Well, it is finally here! If you are a beta tester for WhatsApp you may have noticed it on your last update. Here is how to activate when the update comes your way.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Step 1.

WhatsApp Splash Screen

Firstly and obviously, enter the WhatsApp application. Some people may have already opted for the additional security of fingerprint verification to enter WhatsApp.

Step 2.

WhatsApp settings Screen

Enter your settings. It could be found on the top right hand corner indicated by three dots. Clicking on the three dots will bring down a menu list. Now click on settings, this will take you to page pictured above. Click on “Chats”, and you are just two more steps away.

Step 3.

WhatsApp Chat menu

When you click on “Theme” a secondary menu will pop up. This menu will give one of three options. the existing “light mode”, “dark mode” or for it to be selected by the status of the battery. You can now make the selection here and then confirm WhatsApp Dark Mode.

Step 4.

WhatsApp Dark Mode now available

You have now activated WhatsApp Dark Mode. A benefit is that it is less draining on the battery. This feature specifically refers to phones with OLED displays. More importantly, it is less stressful on your eyes during the night and with the added benefit of not lighting up the room during the night and disturbing your loved one. Now go forth and enjoy.

Enabled Dark Mode

WhatsApp Dark Mode now available
WhatsApp Dark Mode now available

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