Software Engineering Lead (Remote) US$100,000/yr

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      Software Engineering Lead (Remote) – $100,000/year USD

      Software Engineering Lead (Remote) US$100,000/year

      Software Engineering Lead (Remote) – $100,000/year USD

      Company Name Crossover for Work 
      Company Location Port-of-Spain, TT


      Are you a seasoned engineer, with a breadth of experience in building & shipping products? Do you have high standards when it comes to what good code is and what it takes to build high-quality, fault-tolerant software? Are you ready to own the codebase of a full-blown enterprise product, act as a technical lead for it and take it from stormy waters into more clear ones? If so, then this job is for you.

      What You Will Be Doing

      • Performing deep dives into software problems, finding true root causes and devising long term solutions
      • Making decisions about cloud-based hosting and development environments
      • Driving full CI/CD implementation for the products under your responsibility
      • Simplifying and communicating complex software architectures using the C4 model
      • Building comprehensive test plans using Google’s ACC methodology
      • Reviewing new code for quality
      • Completing the most challenging coding tasks

      What You Won’t Be Doing

      • Dealing with product strategy or executives or the board
      • Managing developers or a scrum process
      • Attending frequent meetings
      • Coaching Engineers individually
      • Working on the same team and assignment indefinitely – in this role you will switch to a new product every other quarter

      Software Engineering Lead Key Responsibilities

      • Hands-on technical work, including hands-on coding
      • Becoming the go-to expert on products they are assigned to and maintaining architecture documents
      • Upholding high standards on fundamental data structures, algorithms, and architectural best practices
      • Leveraging teams of Engineers to build new features and fix software defects

      Basic Requirements

      • Expertise in computing fundamentals, data structures, and algorithms, achieved either through a university degree or commercial experience
      • At least 5 years of hands-on engineering experience in writing production code for a commercial software company.
      • At least 3 years of responsibility responsible for production code written by others
      • Demonstrated experience with CI/CD and unit testing

      Nice-to-have Requirements

      • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google
      • Experience with containerization, Docker and Kubernetes

      About Crossover

      Crossover has been a pioneer of the remote work model since our inception in 2010 – helping thousands of people find great work opportunities. We focus on full-time, long-term work – not short-term “gigs” or freelancing side jobs. Most of our positions are within a large and growing portfolio of software companies. Since we focus on remote work, our openings can be filled globally and pay standardized compensation rates, regardless of where you choose to live.

      Join the thousands of professionals that have partnered with Crossover to explore new opportunities and find their dream job. Go to to read their stories. Better yet, write your own story!

      What to expect next:

      • You will receive an email with a link to start your self-paced, online job application.
      • Our hiring platform will guide you through a series of online “screening” assessments to check for basic job fit, job-related skills, and finally a few real-world job-specific assignments.
      • You will be paired up with one of our recruiting specialists who can answer questions you might have about the process, role, or company, and help you get to the final interview step.

      Important! If you do not receive an email from us:

      • First, emails may take up to 15 minutes to send, refresh and check again.
      • Second, check your spam and junk folders for an email from, mark as “Not Spam” since you will receive other emails as well.
      • Third, we will send to whatever email account you indicated on the Apply form – by default, that is the email address you use as your LinkedIn username and it might be different than the one you have already checked.
      • If all else fails, just visit directly, search for this job, and click “Apply”. You will be prompted to reset your password if you already applied using LinkedIn EasyApply.

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