REPUBLIC BANK LTD Vacancy Mar 2020

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      REPUBLIC BANK LTD Vacancy Mar 2020


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      Technical Architect


      Applications are invited from persons with suitable qualifications to fill the position of “Technical Architect” at Republic Bank Limited.

      The jobholder is responsible for:

      • Analyzing business processes and identifying/implementing automation and digital solutions utilizing Robotics Process Automation, SharePoint, Enterprise Content Management and related technologies in use by the ECPD.
      • Managing the production environments and supporting all process automation systems of the RFHL group.
      • Supervising the Systems Administrators and the Process Administrator.


      • Designing, supporting and deploying process automation solutions for the group. Developing solutions to actively monitor and manage systems capacity, availability and performance to required standards. Developing calendar of system change events to optimize resource usage
      • Having oversight of all technical solutions, enhancements implemented in production ensuring all bank policies and procedures are enforced in the management and maintenance of the Process Automation projects. Including but not limited to proper change and version control on all systems and software
      • Managing the quality control checks on all newly implemented processes ensuring that service delivery standards are met, and systems are optimally operated
      • Investigating, recommending, planning and implementing changes to existing production system jobs, including BCP testing, to improve efficiency and ensuring that the Bank’s targets or availability and performance are met/exceeded.
      • Coordinating system upgrades as required to maintain vendor support.
      • Taking a proactive part in suggesting technologies, tools, and approaches; benchmarking our initiatives against industry best practices; proposing and adopting where appropriate.
      • Managing the development and maintenance of operational documentation for daily/periodic system activities and onsite/offsite system recovery.
      • Developing Architecture standards/guidelines/policies based on the organization needs, and anticipated technology advances to guide solutions and project teams.
      • Researching and recommending innovative solutions that will improve productive system usage as well as system and user efficiency which will enhance/improve customer service.
      • Effectively managing the human resources under the supervision of the jobholder in the completion of daily maintenance, overnight snag reports, live implementations and live issues and on-call activities


      • Bachelor of Science Computer Science
      • 1-year Unix/Linux System Administration experience including Unix shell scripting
      • 5 years Windows system administration experience inclusive of 3 years’ experience in RDBMS, SQL scripting
      • 3 years Supervisory experience in a technical environment.


      • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
      • Good Organizational, Analytical, Investigative, Problem-solving, Creative, Presentation Supervisory, Inter-personal, Written and Oral communication skills


      The Bank offers an attractive compensation package.

      Closing date for submission of applications is March 16, 2020.

      Thank you for your interest in Republic Bank Limited.

      Please note that only suitable applications will be acknowledged.


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      REPUBLIC BANK LTD Vacancy Investment Analyst


      Applications are invited from persons with suitable qualifications to fill the position of “Investment Analyst” at our Wealth Management Division.

      The jobholder is responsible for researching, analyzing, recommending and proposing of investment opportunities locally, regionally and internationally for portfolios under the Bank’s asset management mandate. Duties are executed through active portfolio management; and on a periodic basis, preparing and participating in the review of performance with the Division’s clientele.


      • Analyzing & evaluating financial instruments on offer to determine suitability for investment by portfolios. Preparing of proposals for approval in accordance with internal policies.
      • Calculating the intrinsic price and establishing price limits for the purchase and sale of equity positions utilizing a range of valuation techniques.
      • Actively managing cash flows of the portfolios to ensure optimal investment of funds and maximization returns.
      • Preparing presentations to clients as required and attendance at meetings with clients .
      • Preparing reports for submission to Executive Management Team
      • Monitoring, reviewing & reporting on the financial performance of local, regional and international investments.
      • Recommending and implementing investment strategies geared at maximizing risk adjusted returns subject to regulatory and other applicable restrictions.
      • Implementing Investment recommendations on a timely basis


      • Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related field, e.g. Management studies, Economics, Finance.
      • At least 2 years in a finance, investments or portfolio management environment
      • Sound knowledge of local, regional and international investment environment
      • Sound knowledge of financial statement analysis and credit assessment techniques
      • Knowledge of corporate finance techniques used to price various securities including equities, bonds and treasury bills
      • Pursuit of a professional qualification in investments of finance (MBA, CFA)


      • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.
      • Financial Modeling skills.
      • Ability to interact with potential investors of varying profiles.
      • Strong numeracy, interpersonal, presentation, written and oral skills.


      The Bank offers an attractive compensation package.

      Closing date for submission of applications is March 18, 2020.

      Thank you for your interest in Republic Bank Limited.

      Please note that only suitable applications will be acknowledged.

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