Registrar Intensive Care Unit Vacancy

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      Registrar Intensive Care Unit Vacancy

      Registrar Intensive Care Unit Vacancy

      Registrar Intensive Care Unit Vacancy

      Sangre Grande Full Time

      The Registrar (Intensive Care Unit) is responsible for diagnosing and administering general medical treatment to patients in a hospital or through extension services at a Clinic or other designated area.

      Work may include the supervision of House Officers and duties are performed with considerable independence and reviewed by a professional superior through observations, consultations and analysis of findings and reports.


      The Registrar would be required to:

      • Examine patients, diagnose, advise and carry out necessary treatment in the investigation, eradication, prevention and control of diseases or refer complicated cases for further professional attention.
      • Supervise House Officers and medical interns with a view to building competencies.
      • Refer patients to professional superiors for more detailed attention as may be necessary.
      • Perform medical examinations on inpatients and outpatients; diagnose and make prognoses; make daily ward rounds; write and maintain up-to-date case records and make necessary medical reports.
      • Prescribe and carry out treatment in light of examination findings.
      • Examine government employees and other categories of persons as laid down by Government policy.
      • Participate in immunization procedures against infectious or communicable diseases as directed.
      • Implement other preventative procedures outlined for the protection and promotion of Public Health.
      • Provide professional services in the Nutrition services and other specialist fields.
      • Undertake medico-legal duties as may be reasonably required to him/her with specialist advice if necessary.
      • Perform related work as may be required by the appropriate Authority.


      • Knowledge of Public Health Ordinances and of medical jurisprudence.
      • Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of medicine including the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of preventative medicine.
      • Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of preventative medicine.
      • Some knowledge of administrative practices and procedures, rules, regulations policies and standards related to medical services.
      • Ability to supervise and aid in the development of junior medical staff.
      • Ability to examine patients, diagnose disease and to prescribe and administer necessary treatment.
      • Ability to gain the co-operation and confidence of patients and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public.


      • Post graduate qualification and training as evidence by the possession of a medical degree from a recognized school of medicine.
      • At least five (5) years experience in a specialized field of medicine.
      • Registration as a medical practitioner by the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Specialist registration in the field with the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Any equivalent combination of experience and training.


      • House Officer
      • Unit Manager
      • Head Nurse
      • Nurse
      • Nursing Assistants
      • Clerk
      • Patient Care Assistants



      • Medical Director
      • Manager, Hospital Administration
      • Manager, Para-Clinical Services
      • Specialist Medical Officer
      • Nursing Personnel
      • Other Heads of Department


      • Public
      • University of the West Indies
      • Other Regional Health Authorities
      • Private Medical Institutions
      • General practitioners in the area

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