Nursing Assistant Sangre Grande

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      Nursing Assistant Sangre Grande

      Nursing Assistant

      Nursing Assistant Sangre Grande

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      The Nursing Assistant will report to the Head Nurse/District Health Visitor/District Nurse/Nurse where applicable.

      The Nursing Assistant is responsible for ensuring healthcare is provided to all clients after receiving instructions from the Medical Officer, District Health Visitor, District Nurse, Head Nurse or Midwife. He/She relieves the workload of the Nurse by providing actual duties to the clients. He/She also ensures that the patient care environment is prepared for the safe and effective care of customers


      The Nursing Assistant would be required to:

      • Provide patient care on a personal level; take vital signs and monitor volume flow.
      • Prepare or perform several procedures such as simple dressings, patient bathing, giving enemas, etc.
      • Admit and record vital signs and patient history from clients or relatives.
      • Serve patient meals and ensure appropriate diet per client, feed the client and take the client to the toilet before and after meals.
      • Make the beds, prepare trays for procedure, carbolize unmade bed, lockers and IV stands.
      • Administer insulin to diabetic clients.
      • Perform personal hygiene of clients: shower, oral care, toilet duties, hair care, nail care, and maintain pressure areas by lifting and turning every two (2) hours or as recommended.
      • Test urine and record findings on client’s notes.
      • Assist in client teaching with supervision from the Nurse.
      • Prepare clients for physical examination by the Medical Officer.
      • Prepare rooms, trays and trolleys for clinic activities, home care and school health examination.
      • Check/Prepare materials and equipment for sterilization and report any defects to the Nurse Manager.
      • Ensure requisition of supplies e.g. dressing supplies are maintained at acceptable levels and inform supervisors of deficiencies for ordering.
      • Assist with maintenance of cold chain for vaccines.
      • Participate in client escort activities e.g. escort clients to and from x-ray, ultra-sound, CLU, and clinics.
      • Escort clients on the ambulance to different institutions and to homes on discharge.
      • Ensure clients’ emotional and spiritual needs are met by use of effective communication when interacting with clients.
      • Involve the client in the development of his/her care.
      • Perform home visits with District Nurse, District Health Visitor and Medical Officer.
      • Assist with formulating health education programs.
      • Perform other related duties as determined by the appropriate Authority.


      • Knowledge of personal hygiene.
      • Some knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in general nursing.
      • Some knowledge of First Aid.
      • Ability to follow simple oral and written instructions.
      • Ability to maintain a cheerful attitude towards patients and to establish and maintain effective working relationship with other employees and the public.


      • Possession of trained Nursing Assistant Certificate or its equivalent.
      • At least two (2) years training with an institution recognized by the Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago.
      • Registered with Nursing Council of Trinidad and Tobago


      • Patient Care Assistant

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