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      Graphics Designer & AnimatorOFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER (Gender and Child Affairs) in collaboration with UNICEF

      Graphics Designer & Animator Vacancy


      The Office of the Prime Minister (Gender & Child Affairs) in collaboration with the United Nations Childrenā€™s Fund (UNICEF) is desirous of engaging a Graphics Designer & Animator to produce 3 animated videos and sixteen (16) ads on Covid-19 and child protection, primarily for use on social media. The US Center for Disease Control, cites social isolation and family stresses (common factors associated with the pandemic) as risk factors for child abuse.

      This initiative seeks to create an awareness (for children and adults) of this and other child protection issues that may arise while families engage in social distancing measures. Practical solutions (including contact information for child protection agencies) will be given to help families navigate some of the stressors and prevent or respond to child abuse. The approach seeks to target and invite the main actors in a child’s life (e.g. parents, teachers, neighbours, friends etc.) to get involved in safeguarding children virtually, i.e. from a distance. This is due to the fact that social distancing restrictions have reduced the level of engagement of protective actors that are usually physically
      present in a childā€™s life.


      National Child Abuse Prevention Month, observed annually in April, seeks to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse. This is observed internationally and supported by UNICEF. Communities are encouraged to share child abuse prevention strategies and promote prevention across the country. A lack of understanding about child abuse continues to fuel the problem in the Caribbean. A Trinidad and Tobago study in 20161 showed that 37% of persons interviewed had incorrect notions about what
      constituted child sexual abuse. The same study also revealed that 65% of participants got their information on child sexual abuse from the media, including the internet.

      This report recognised the need for the government to focus on utilizing new and traditional media strategies in raising awareness about child abuse, and educating the public on how to prevent it. On the heels of Child Abuse Prevention Month, the world is now also facing the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in a greater need to protect children from abuse. This project therefore seeks to throw a spotlight on meaningful ways a childā€™s virtual community can prevent or respond to child abuse. This project will enlist communication mediums (i.e. social media and traditional media) to provide children and the public with educational messages, to protect them from COVID-19 as well ensure childrenā€™s rights are upheld. Further, adults will be provided with information that will assist them in protecting and nurturing children in their communities, as Caribbean countries amplify measures to ensure social distancing.


      To design sixteen (16) social media ads/resources (with Spanish translations) to educate children and adults about:

      A) child protection issues that may occur while engaging in social distancing;

      B) measures to prevent child abuse while social distancing; and

      C) good hygiene practices for children while social distancing.

      To develop and design a total of three (3) creative animated videos on various child protection issues that may occur while engaging in social
      distancing, and how to prevent child abuse.


      The Office of the Prime Minister (Gender and Child Affairs) [OPM (GCA)] seeks to engage a Graphics Designer & Animator to design sixteen (16) ads/messages and three (3) animated videos in formats suitable for social media and/or television (e.g. png, jpg, pdf, gif, mov etc.). The assignment includes, but may not be limited to, the following tasks:Ā  Using concepts/content and translations supplied by the Child Affairs Division and UNICEF, develop adult and child friendly ads based on sixteen (16) key messages, in English and Spanish.

      Develop three (3) cohesive animated videos (approximately 2-5 mins. each) featuring animated characters, with English subtitles. Upon completion and approval by the Child Affairs Division and UNICEF, the resources would be used to bring awareness and educate the public (primarily via Social Media) on child protection and Covid-19.


      The consultancy will be managed through a close collaboration between the Child Affairs Division (Office of the Prime Minister), and senior technical staff from UNICEF Eastern Caribbean.

      Graphics Designer & Animator

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