EHS Assistant Vacancy British American Tobacco

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      EHS Assistant Vacancy British American Tobacco

      EHS Assistant Vacancy British American Tobacco

      EHS Assistant Vacancy British American Tobacco

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      To carry out the Company’s environmental, health & safety (EHS) strategies and procedures aligned to best practice.

      Responsabilities Business

      • Implements solutions/procedures to avoid all existing and potential threats to the Company’s businesses arising from environmental impacts and health & safety risks
      • Recommends actions to the EHS Manager and or Leadership Teams to implement agreed internal control systems, procedures and solutions
      • Implements EHS programmes and procedures as described in the British American Tobacco system manuals to achieve the EHS policy objectives and targets
      • Supports all EHS activities of the company and review periodically for compliance and progress:
        • day-to-day running of the system
        • writes procedures and instructions on workings of internal controls
        • inspection of EHS equipment e.g. first aid kits, fire equipment, spill kits to ensure that they are available and fit or purpose.
        • designs/conducts training/orientation and awareness programmes
        • provides information and advice on EHS issues
      • Performs monthly EHS audits: – Carry out regular inspections of all company sites, to identify problem areas or poor practices and ensure that agreed corrective actions are fully implemented on time.
      • Maintains complete, accurate and Monthly Commercial EHS Reports. Reports to include root cause analysis for deviations vs the EHS Targets along with the development of the corrective action plans in areas where gaps are identified.
      • Investigates all accidents and environmental Commercial incidents and reports formally to line management.
      • Ensure availability of adequate and quality personal protective equipment for the Commercial team
      • Communicates findings from annual risk assessments of all processes conducted by Employees and Contractors.

      People Responsabilities

      • Maintains own expertise, with state of the art EHS training development training, local and international
      • Ensure all employees and contractors
        • Fully understand the procedures they must follow to safeguard the Environmental and Health & Safety during their working activities.
        • receive appropriate instruction and training
        • implement procedures correctly and are properly supervised
      • Monitors contractors and employees activities for compliance to the EHS guidelines
      • Co-operates and works effectively with members of workgroup
      • Communicates well with all levels of staff and clients

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