Air Conditioning Technician Vacancy

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      Air Conditioning Technician Vacancy

      Air Conditioning Technician Vacancy



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      Air Conditioning Technician

      Job Description:

      • Possess/Mastered all the requirements listed under C Class – Trainee.
      • Properly Service any DX A/c system as directed. systems 1-5 tons (ductless)
      • Correctly troubleshoot and repair A/c systems – up to 5 Tons (but is not limited to 5 Tons).
      • Demonstrate and apply the knowledge of superheat, sub-cooling and wiring diagrams in the troubleshooting and repairs of A/c systems.
      • Correctly install, wire and commission A/c systems up to 5 Tons (but is not limited to 5 Tons).
      • Accurately complete ABS’s Job Tickets in a timely manner.
      • Demonstrate general knowledge of the company’s products.
      • Possess all tools required under the C Class Technician Schedule.
      • Demonstrate knowledge of components and controls as it pertains to large A/C systems. ( up to 10 Tons)
      • Demonstrate competency with electrical wiring and basic plumbing skills.
      • Demonstrate the ability to complete assignments in a timely manner.

      The successful candidate should convey the followingpersonal characteristics:

      • Knowledge of all components of the basic refrigeration cycle.
      • General knowledge of the company’s products.
      • Competent with electrical wiring and plumbing
      • Familiar with all tools of the air conditioning trade and basic safety procedures.
      • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work
      • Maintain mental capacity which allows for effective interaction and communication with others.
      • Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.
      • Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception to the degree necessary for the successful performance of assigned duties

      Required Qualifications:

      • Training as evidenced by a Valid Certification (passing grade) from a recognized institution or equivalent combination of experience and training
      • Possess all tools required under the B Class Tools Schedule
      • A minimum of five (5) year experience in a similar role

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