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      What is the best primary school in Trinidad and Tobago?

      Click your choice and scroll to the bottom and click on vote, results will be revealed shortly so keep checking back.

      Agostini Settlement K.P.A, Lime Head Road, Chase Village, Carapichaima
      Anstey Memorial Girls’ A.C. Primary School 29, Drayton Street, San Fernando
      Aranguez Government Primary School Mary Street, Aranguez, San Juan
      Aranguez Hindu Primary School Chootoo Street, Aranguez
      Aranguez T.I.A. Primary School Cor. Chamdy Lane & Boundary Road, San Juan
      Arima Hindu Primary School #2 Temple Street, Arima
      Arima (Pinehaven) S.D.A. La Resource Road South, D’Abadie
      Arima Boys’ Government Primary School King Street, Arima
      Arima Boys’ R.C. Primary School 3A, Woodford Street, Arima
      Arima Centenary Government Primary School El Carmen Street, Arima
      Arima Girls’ Government Primary School St. Joseph Street, Arima
      Arima Girls’ R.C. Primary School Church Street, Arima
      Arima New Government Primary School Simone Avenue, Arima
      Arima Presbyterian Primary School Tumpuna Road, Arima
      Arima West Government Primary School Arima Old Road, Arima
      Aripo R.C. Primary School Heights of Aripo Village, via Arima
      Arouca A.C. Primary School Eastern Main Road, Arouca
      Arouca Government Primary School Golden Grove Road, Arouca
      Ascension A.C. Primary School School Rd, Debe Road, Long Circular, St. James
      Atwell’s Educational Institute 116 Meadow Avenue, Orange Grove, Trincity
      Audrey Jeffers School for the Deaf Gopaul Circular Drive, Marabella
      Avocat Vedic Primary School Siparia Old Road, Fyzabad
      Balmain Presbyterian Primary School Manse Street, Balmain Village, Couva
      Bamboo Grove Presbyterian Primary School Bamboo Settlement & #1, Valsayn
      Bamboo Settlement Government Primary School Jaffar Street, Bamboo Settlement #2, Valsayn
      Barataria A.C. Primary School Cor. Sixth Avenue & Eighth Street, Barataria
      Barataria Boys’ R.C. Primary School 48, Eighth Avenue, Barataria
      Barrackpore ASJA Primary School #6 Rees Road, Barrackpore
      Barrackpore Vedic Primary School 217 Kansammy Trace, Barrackpore
      Basseterre R.C. Primary School 1790 Moruga Road, Basseterre, Moruga
      Beach Camp Private Beach CampPalo Seco
      Belle Garden A.C. Primary School Windward Main Road, Belle Garden, Tobago
      Belmont Boys’ R.C. Primary School 119, Belmont Circular Road, Port of Spain
      Belmont Girls’ R.C. Primary School 3-5, Clifford Street, Belmont
      Belmont Government Primary School 138A, Belmont Circular Road, Belmont
      Bethesda Government Primary School Arnos Vale Road, Plymouth, Tobago
      Bethlehem Boys’ R.C. Primary School 1A, Besson Street, Port of Spain
      Bethlehem Girls’ R.C. Primary School 1A, Besson Street, Port of Spain
      Biche Presbyterian Primary School Sangre Grande
      Biche R.C. Primary School # 7 Borel Street, Newlands Village, Biche
      Bien Venue Presbyterian Primary School La Plaisance Road, La Romain
      Bishop’s Anstey Junior School Monte Cristo, Ariapita Road,St. Anns
      Black Rock Government Primary School Black Rock, Tobago
      Blackman’s Private School 14 A Saddle RoadMaraval
      Blanchisseuse Government Primary School Paria Main Road, Blanchisseuse
      Boissiere Village R.C. Primary School 1, Boissiere Village, Maraval
      Bon Accord Government Primary School Milford Road, Bon Accord, Tobago
      Bon Air Government Primary School Woodstar Avenue, Phase I, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca
      Bonne Aventure Presbyterian Primary School School Road, Bonne Aventure, via Gasparillo
      Bourg Mulatresse R.C. Primary School Saddle Rd. Bourg Mulatresse, Lower Santa Cruz
      Brasso R.C. Primary School #3 Brasso Tamana Road, Brasso
      Brasso Seco R.C. Primary School Brasso Seco Village, via Arima
      Brasso Venado Government Primary School H 228 Brasso Venado
      Brazil R.C. Primary School #224 Talparo Main Road, Brazil Village
      Briggs Preparatory 167 Belmont Circular Road, Port of Spain
      Brighton A.C. Primary School Three Hands Junction, La Brea
      Brothers Road Presbyterian Primary School 73 Garth Road, Williamsville
      Bryn Mawr Preparatory Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley
      Buccoo Government Primary School Buccoo, Tobago
      Buenos Ayres Government Primary School Buenos Ayres, via Erin
      Caigual R.C. Primary School Caigual Village, via Sangre Grande
      California Government Primary School Southern Main Road, California
      Canaan Presbyterian Primary School Siparia Erin Rd, Duncan Vge, via San Fernando
      Caparo R.C. Primary School Main Road, Caparo
      Cap-de-ville Government Primary School Guapo, Cap-de-ville Road, Point Fortin
      Carapichaima A.C. Primary School Waterloo Road, Carapichaima
      Carapichaima R.C. Primary School Beaucarro Road,Carapichaima
      Carapichaima A.S.J.A. Primary School Falah Drive, Waterloo Road, Carapichaima
      Carapo R.C. Primary School O’Meara Road, via Arima
      Caratal (Sacred Heart) R.C. Primary School Gasparillo Road, Gasparillo
      Composite) #8 School Street, Carenage
      Carenage Girls Government Primary School School Street, Carenage
      Carmel Preparatory 5 Back Street, Tunupuna
      Caroni Hindu Primary School Southern Main Road, Caroni
      Caroni Presbyterian Primary School Knaggs Street, Frederick Sett., Caroni
      Cascade School for the Deaf 19 Cascade Road, Cascade
      Castara Government Primary School Castara, Tobago
      Cedar Grove Private Chin Aleong Street, Block 3, Palmiste, La Romaine
      Cedros A.C. Primary School St. Marie Village, Cedros
      Cedros Government Primary School Bonasse Village, Cedros
      Chaguanas R.C. Primary School Henderson Street, Chaguanas
      Chaguanas Government Primary School St. Thomas Village, Chaguanas
      Chandernagore Presbyterian Primary School0 Edinburgh Village, Chaguanas
      Charis Works Christian Academy Orange Grove Road, Tacarigua
      Charlieville A.S.J.A. Primary School Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville
      Charlieville Presbyterian Primary School Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville
      Charlotteville Methodist Primary School Spring Street, Charlotteville, Tobago
      Charlotteville S.D.A. Charlotteville, Tobago
      Chatham Government Primary School Irois Forest, Chatham
      Chickland R.C. Primary School Chickland, Caparo Rd. Upper Carapichaima
      Chinapoo Government Primary School Laventille Road, Morvant
      Christian Primary Academy 17 D’arceuil Lane, Mausica Old road, Arima
      Cipero R.C. Primary School Church St, Rambert Village, La Romaine
      Clarke Road Hindu Primary School 277, Clarke Road, Penal
      Clarke Rochard Government Primary School #530 Clarke Rochard, via Penal
      Claxton Bay Junior A.C. Primary School Cedar Hill Road, Claxton Bay
      Claxton Bay Senior A.C. Primary School Cedar Hill Road, School Street, Claxton Bay
      Cocorite Government Primary School 5, Lady Hochoy Circular Road, Cocorite
      Cocoyea Government Primary School Forress Ave. Cocoyea Vge, via San Fernando
      Coffee Street Boys’ A.C. Primary School 29 Cooper Street, San Fernando
      Coryal R.C. Primary School Tamana Hill Road, Coryal
      Couva A.C. Primary School Southern Main Road, Couva
      Couva South Government Primary School Church Street, Couva
      Crystal Stream Government Primary School Crystal Stream Avenue, Petit Valley
      Cumaca R.C. Primary School Plantanal Road, Cumaca, via Valencia
      Cumana A.C. Primary School Hutton Street, Cumana, Toco
      Cumana R.C. Primary School Cumana Village, Toco
      Cumana S.D.A. Primary School Punch Street, Cumana Village, Toco
      Cumuto Presbyterian Primary School St. Marie Emmanuel Rd, Caratal P.O. via S/Grande
      Cunapo (St. Francis) R.C. Primary School Brierley Street, Sangre Grande
      Cunaripo Presbyterian Primary School 4.5 km Guaico Tamana Road, Cunaripo via Guaico P.O.
      Cunjal Government Primary School #214 Cunjal Main Road, Cunjal, Barrackpore, via Princes Town
      Cunupia Government Primary School Chin Chin Road, Cunupia
      Curepe Presbyterian Primary School Lyndon Street, Curepe
      Curepe (Fatima) R.C. Primary School Bushe Street, Curepe
      Curepe A.C. Primary School Belle Smythe Street, Curepe
      Curepe Educational Centre 104-5 Southern Main Road, Curepe
      Curepe Vedic Primary School Mc Donnell Street, Curepe
      Cushe Government Primary School #7 Government Plot Road, Cushe V’ge, via Rio Claro
      D’Abadie Government Primary School Eastern Main Road, D’Abadie
      Dayanand Memorial Vedic Primary School Ramjohn Avenue, Penal
      Debe Hindu Primary School San Fernando/Siparia Main Road, Debe Post Office
      Debe Presbyterian Primary School 1 Periwinkle Drive, Wellington Road, Debe
      Delaford A.C. Primary School Louis D’or Trace, Delaford, Tobago
      Delaford R.C. Primary School John Gully Crown Trace, Delaford, Tobago
      Delhi Hindu Primary School Mondesir Delhi Road Fyzabad
      Des Vignes Road Government Primary School Des Vignes Road, Tobago
      Diamond Vale Government Primary School 76, Aquamarine Drive, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
      Diego Martin Boys’ R.C. Primary School Carey Street, Diego Martin
      Diego Martin Girls’ R.C. Primary School Church Street, Diego Martin
      Diego Martin Government Primary School Jerry Street, Green Hill Village, Diego Martin
      Dinsley/Trincity Government Primary School Cor. Trincity Blvd. & Montaque Avenue, Trincity
      Don Miguel Hindu Primary School Don Miguel Road, San Juan
      Dow Village Government Primary School New Settlement Dow Village, California, Chaguanas
      Dunross Preparatory 96A St. Anthony’s Drive, Westmoorings
      Durham Village Hindu Primary School John Peter Road, Charlieville
      Eastern Boys’ Government Primary School 57 – 59 George Street, Port of Spain
      Eastern Girls’ Government Primary School 83 – 87 George Street, Port of Spain
      Ebenezer Methodist Primary School 283/5 Winward Road, Betsy’s Hope, Tobago
      Ecclesville Presbyterian Primary School Ecclesville Post Office, via Rio Claro
      Eckel Village A.C. Primary School Guaracara-Tabaquite Rd, Eckel Vge, Williamsville
      Eden Way Pre-Primary Christian School 19 King Street,Arima
      Edinburgh Government Primary School Kestrel Boulevard, Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas
      Egypt Village Government Primary School Egypt Vilage, Point Fortin
      El Dorado North Hindu Primary School Mc Seveny Street, El Dorado Village, El Dorado
      El Dorado South Hindu Primary School 2, Clementy Street, El Dorado
      El Socorro Central Government Primary School Health Office Avenue, El Socorro
      El Socorro Hindu Primary School Maraj Street, El Socorro, San Juan
      El Socorro North Government Primary School Lootoo Street, El Socorro
      El Socorro South Government Primary School Kamal Avenue, San Juan
      El Socorro T.I.A. Primary School Bissessar Street, El Socorro, San Juan
      Elswick Presbyterian Primary School Naparima/Mayaro Road, Tableland Post Office
      Enaame’s School #5 Spaniol Road, Off Covigne Road, Diego Martin
      Endeavour Hindu Primary School Rodney Branch Road, Endeavour Village, Chaguanas
      Eniath’s Preparatory 6 Gaston Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas
      Enterprise Government Primary School Cedar Dr, Homeland Gardens, Chaguanas
      Erin R.C. Primary School St. Francis Village, Erin
      Erin Road Presbyterian Primary School 414 Siparia Erin Road, Quarry Village, via Santa Flora
      Erin SDA Primary Los Iros, Erin
      Escallier A.C. Primary School 29, Longe Street, Gonzales
      Eshe’s Learning Centre 105 Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook
      Esperanza Presbyterian Primary School Railway Road, Dow Village, California
      Excel Composite (Primary/Secondary) #1 Main Road Beetham Gardens, Beetham Estate, Laventille
      Exchange R.C. Primary School Southern Main Road, Couva
      Exchange Presbyterian Primary School Bryce Street, Couva
      Facilitating Record Glen Road Scarborough Tobago
      Fanny Village Government Primary School G’ Street, via Dam Road, Fanny Village, Point Fortin¬†
      Febeau Government Primary School Saddle Road, San Juan
      Felicity Hindu Primary School 139c, Cacandee Road, Felicity, Chaguanas
      Felicity Presbyterian Primary School 120, Cacandee Road, Felicity
      Fifth Company (St. Gregory’s) A.C. Primary School 537A Moruga Road, Fifth Company
      Fifth Company Baptist Primary School 385/7 Moruga Road, Indian Walk
      Fishing Pond Presbyterian Primary School 5 1/2 mm Fishing Pond Rd. Oropouche Road
      Five Rivers Hindu Primary School First Street, Five Rivers, Arouca
      Five Rivers T.I.A. Primary School Samnah Street, Five Rivers, Arouca
      Flanagin R.C. Primary School 200 Main Road, Flanagin Town
      Forest Reserve A.C. Primary School Petrotrin, Forest Reserve, La Brea
      Four Roads Government Primary School Union Road, Diego Martin
      Freeport Presbyterian Primary School Freeport Mission Road, Freeport
      Freeport Hindu Primary School Mission Road, Freeport
      Fyzabad Presbyterian Primary School Lum Tack Hill, Fyzabad
      School 18A, Woodford Street, Port of Spain
      Gasparillo Government Primary School Bonne Avenue Road, Gasparillo
      Gasparillo Hindu Primary School Thompson Street, Gasparillo
      Ghandi Memorial Vedic Primary School Aranguez Main Road, San Juan
      Giuseppi Preparatory 18 Tumpuna Square, Arima
      Glarmorgan (John Roberts Memorial) S.D.A. Bushy Park, Sheep Pen Trace, Glarmorgan, Tobago
      Glosterlodge Moravian Primary School 89 Glosterlodge Road, Belmont, Port of Spain
      Golden Lane Government Primary School Golden Lane, Tobago
      Goodwood Methodist Primary School Goodwood, Tobago
      Gran Couva R.C. Primary School Pepper Village, Gran Couva
      Grande Riviere A.C. Primary School Monte Video Road, Grande Riviere
      Grant Memorial Presbyterian Primary School 1a, Carib Street, San Fernando
      Granville R.C. Primary School #219 Syfoo Trace, Granville, Cedros
      Grosvenor Presbyterian Primary School Cunapo S.M.R., Coalmine, Sangre Grande
      Guaico Government Primary School Eastern Main Road, Guaico
      Guaico Presbyterian Primary School Eastern Main Road, Guaico
      Guapo Government Primary School Gonzales Village, Guapo
      Guaracara Hindu Primary School Guaracara Junction, Guaracara P.O., Guaracara
      Guayaguayare R.C. Primary School Warrick Street, New Lands V’ge, Guayaguayare
      Happy Hill Hindu Primary School Bonne Aventure Road, Gasparillo
      Hardbargain Government Primary School Buen Intento Road, Williamsville
      Hardbargain R.C. Primary School Sisters Road, Williamsville
      Harmony Hall Presbyterian Primary School Union Road, Marabella
      Hermitage Presbyterian Primary School Dumfries Road, Hermitage Vge, via San Fernando
      Hockett Baptist Primary School 2, Cassia Drive, Morvant
      Holy Faith (St. Monica’s) Preparatory 78-80 Dundonald Street, Port of Spain
      Holy Faith Prep. St. Bernadette’s 13 St Ann’s Avenue St Anns
      Holy Family Preparatory Maraj Street, Montrose, Chaguanas
      Holy Name Preparatory 2 Queen’s Park East, Port of Spain
      Holy Rosary Preparatory 125 Henry StreetPort of Spain
      Hope A.C. Primary School Hope Village, Tobago
      Icacos Government Primary School Icacos, via Cedros
      Iere Government Primary School Naparima/Mayaro Rd, Iere Vge, Princes Town
      Indian Walk Government Primary School Moruga Road, via Princes Town
      Inverness Presbyterian Primary School Papouri Road, Barrackpore
      Jerningham Government Primary School Hassarath Road, Cunupia
      Jordan Hill Presbyterian Primary School Manahambre Road, Churkoo Village, Princes Town
      Jubilee Presbyterian Primary School Jubilee Street, Guaico Tamana P.O., via Sangre Grande
      Kanhai Presbyterian Primary School Kanhai Road South, Barrackpore
      La Brea R.C. Primary School Church Street, New Lands, La Brea
      La Fillette R.C. Primary School Paria Main Road, via Blanchisseuse
      La Horquetta North Government Primary School Lady Bird Avenue, La Horquetta
      La Horquetta South Government Primary School Gladiolus Crescent, La Horquetta
      La Lune R.C. Primary School 419-421 La Lune, Moruga, via Princes Town
      La Pastora Government Primary School School Rd. La Pastora Land Settlement, Santa Cruz
      La Puerta Government Primary School Broome Street, Four Roads, La Puerta, Diego Martin
      La Romain Government Primary School Church Street, La Romain
      La Romaine R.C. Primary School Victoria Street Extension, La Romaine
      La Seiva R.C. Primary School 85, Saddle Road, Maraval
      La Veronica R.C. Primary School Lopinot Settlement, via Arouca
      Lambeau A.C. Primary School Lambeau, Tobago
      L’Anse Fourmi Methodist Primary School L’Anse Fourmi, Tobago
      L’Anse Noire Moravian Primary School L’Anse Noire Village, Toco
      Las Cuevas Government Primary School St. Michael V’ge, via North Coast Road, Las Cuevas
      Las Lomas R.C. Primary School Chin Chin Road, Las Lomas #1, via Cunupia
      Las Lomas Government Primary School Las Lomas No. 2, via Cunupia
      Laventille Boys’ Government Primary School Toussaint Trace, Success V’ge, Laventille
      Laventille Girls’ Government Primary School Old St. Joseph Road, Laventille
      Lendore Village Hindu Primary School Enterprise Street, Enterprise
      Lengua Presbyterian Primary School 1277 Papouri Road, Lengua Village, Barrackpore.
      Lengua T.I.A. Primary School 205 Realize Rd, c/o Cunjal Post Office, via Princes Town
      Libertville T.M.L. Primary School Claro
      Lochmaben R.C. Primary School Fullerton Village, Cedros
      Longdenville Government Primary School Main Road, Longdenville
      Longdenville Presbyterian Primary School Main Road, Longdenville
      Lower Cumuto No.1 Government Primary School Cumuto Main Road, Cumuto
      Lower Morvant Government Primary School Lady Young Avenue, Morvant
      Lucia’s Private Primary 10 Circular Road St Augustine
      Macaulay Government Primary School Hermitage Road, Macaulay V’ge, Claxton Bay
      Madras Government Primary School Madras Settlement Road, via Cunupia
      Madressa Al Muslimeen Mucurapo Road, St. James
      Mafeking Government Primary School Mafeking Village, Mayaro
      Malabar Government Primary School Pommegranate Avenue, N.H.A., Malabar, Phase 1, Arima
      Malabar R.C. Primary School Subero Street, Arima
      Malick Girls’ R.C. Primary School Sixth Avenue, Malick, North Barataria
      Maloney Government Primary School Flamingo Blvd., Maloney Gardens, D’Abadie
      Mamoral R.C. Primary School #214 Main Road, Mamoral #2, via Tabaquite
      Manzanilla Government Primary School Eastern Main Road, Manzanilla
      Marabella Government Primary School Fahey Ave., Union Park East, Gopaul Lands, Marabella
      Marabella Boys’ A.C. Primary School Southern Main Road, Marabella
      Marabella Girls’ A.C. Primary School Southern Main Road, Marabella
      Marac Baptist Primary School Marac Village, Moruga
      Maracas Presbyterian Primary School Acono Road, Maracas Valley, via St. Joseph
      Maracas R.C. Primary School Royal Road, Maracas, via St. Joseph
      Maracas S.D.A. Primary School Royal Road, Maracas, St. Joseph
      Maraval R.C. Primary School Saddle Road, Maraval
      Maria Goretti Preparatory 78, Long Circular Road, Port of Spain
      Maria Regina Grade School 103, Abercromby Street ,Port of Spain
      Maryland R.C. Primary School Upper St. Francois Valley Road, Belmont
      Mason Hall Government Primary School Mason Hall, Tobago
      Matelot Community R.C. Primary School Pyke Street, Paria Main Road, Matelot
      Matura Government Primary School Toco Main Road, Matura
      Mayaro (St. Thomas) R.C. Primary School Radix Village, Mayaro
      Mayaro Government Primary School Pierreville, Mayaro
      Mayaro/Gauyaguayare Community School 465 A Guayaguayare Road, Guayaguayare Via Mayaro
      Mayo R.C. Primary School D’Abadie Street, Mayo
      Mc Bean Hindu Primary School #243 Southern Main Road, Mc Bean Village, Couva
      Mc Bean Presbyterian Primary School Calcutta Rd. #1, Mc Bean Village, Couva
      Melville Memorial Girls’ A.C. Primary School 4, St. Margaret’s Lane, Belmont
      Michael K. Hall CambeeTobago
      Milton Presbyterian Primary School 194 Rivulet Road, Couva, c/o Carolina Post Office
      Mohess Road Hindu Primary School 26, Panoo Trace, Mohess Road, Penal
      Mon Repos R.C. Primary School Torrance Street, San Fernando
      Monkey Town Government Primary School #649 Papouri Road, Monkey Town, Barrackpore
      Monte Video Government Primary School Cox St., Monte Video, via Sans Souci, Toco
      Montgomery Government Primary School Bethel, Tobago 639 – 8557 8
      Montrose Government Primary School La Clave Street, Lange Park, Chaguanas
      Montrose Vedic Primary School Eleanore Street, Chaguanas
      Moriah Government Primary School Woodlands, Moriah, Tobago
      Morne Diablo R.C. Primary Scott’s Road, Morne Diablo, via Penal
      Moruga (Holy Trinity) A.C. Primary School Grand Chemin, Moruga
      Moruga R.C. Primary School 2322 Grand CheminRoad, Moruga
      Morvant A.C. Primary School Cor. Cipriani St. & Morvant Avenue, Morvant
      Morvant North (New?) Government Primary School Cosmos Street, Cocorite Drive, Morvant
      Moulton Hall Methodist Primary School 43, Abercromby Street, Port of Spain
      Mt. Dor Government Primary School Mt. Dor Road, Champs Fleur
      Mt. Lambert R.C. Primary School 2, Eighth Street. Mt. Lambert
      Mt. Pleasant Government Primary School Soledad Rd, Sum Sum Hill, Claxton Bay
      Mt. St. George Methodist Primary School 2, Village Street, Mt. St. George, Tobago
      Mucurapo Boys’ R.C. Primary School 19, George Cabrael Street, St. James
      Mucurapo Girls’ R.C. Primary School 62, Western Main Road, St. James
      Mundo Nuevo R.C. Primary School John Dillon Trace, Mundo Nuevo, via Talparo
      Munroe Road Government Primary School Munroe Road, Cunupia
      Munroe Road Hindu Primary School Ajodha Road, Bejucal, Cunupia
      Nariva Government Primary School Eastern Main Road, Manzanilla #2
      Navet Presbyterian Primary School Navet V’ge, Rio Claro
      Nellie Bailey Preparatory 39 King Street, St. Joseph
      Nelson Street Boys’ R.C. Primary School 1, Nelson Street, Port of Spain
      Nelson Street Girls’ R.C. Primary School #1 Nelson Street, Port of Spain
      New Dawn Preparatory 12 Gan-Kna-Ski Avenue, Off Tumpuna Rd.Arima
      New Grant Government Primary School Naparima/Mayaro Rd, New Grant, Princes Town
      New Grant A.C. Primary School c/o St. Julien Post Office, New Grant
      Newtown Boys’ R.C. Primary School 14, Maraval Road, Newtown, Port of Spain
      Newtown Girls’ R.C. Primary School 18-20, Maraval Road, Port of Spain
      Nipal Presbyterian Primary School Pooran Road, George Village, Tableland
      North East SDA Primary Paria Main Road SanSouci P.O.Toco
      North Manzanilla Government Primary School Joseph Collinwood Road, North Manzanilla
      North Oropouche Government Primary School Grande
      North Oropouche R.C. Primary School Toco Road, Vega de Oropouche, via Sangre Grande
      North Regional SDA Belmont Local Road, Mason HallTobago
      North Trace Government Primary School Naparima Mayaro Road,
      Orange Field Hindu Primary School Orange Field Road, Carapichaima
      Orange Valley Government Primary School Bay Road, Orange Valley, Couva
      Ortoire R.C. Primary School Manzanilla/Mayaro Road, Mayaro
      Palmiste Government Primary School School Road, Brasso Caparo Valley Rd., via Longdenville
      Palmyra Hindu Primary School Palmyra Vge, Naparima/Mayaro Rd., via San F’do
      Palo Seco Government Primary School #4 Road, Loa Charas, Palo Seco
      Paramin R.C. Primary School ParaminVillage, Maraval
      Parlatuvier A.C. Primary School Parlatuvier Village, Tobago
      Patience Hill Government Primary School Patience Hill Village, Tobago
      Patna/River Estate Government Primary School Cor. North Post Road & Fuller Street, Diego Martin
      Pembroke A.C. Primary School Main Road, Pembroke, Tobago
      Penal Government Primary School Abdool Village, Penal
      Penal Presbyterian Primary School Penal Junction, Penal
      Penal R.C. (St. Dominic’s) Primary School Oliviere Drive, Clarke Road, Penal
      Penal Rock (Kubairsingh) Hindu Primary School 579 Penal Rock Road
      Penal Rock Presbyterian Primary School 4 mm Penal Rock Road, via Penal
      Penal Rock R.C. Primary School 1066 Penal Rock Road, via Barrackpore
      Penal/Quinam Government Primary School Mendez Village, Siparia
      Pepper Village Government Primary School Pepper Village, Fyzabad
      Petit Valley Boys’ R.C. Primary School Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin
      Petit Valley Girls’ R.C. Primary School Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin
      Phoenix Park Government Primary School Phoenix Park Road, California
      Picadilly Government Primary School 48, Picadilly Street, Port of Spain
      Picton Presbyterian Primary School Papouri Rd, Diamond Vge P.O. via San Fernando
      Piparo Presbyterian Primary School Pascual Road, Piparo
      Pleasantville Government Primary School Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville
      Plum Mitan Presbyterian Primary School #6 Settlement Road, Plum Mitan
      Plum Road Presbyterian Primary School # 324 Plum Mitan Rd, Plum Rd. V’ge, Manzanilla
      Plymouth A.C. Primary School Shelbourne Street, Plymouth, Tobago
      Point Cumana R.C. Primary School Bellerand Street, Point Cumana
      Point Cumana Government Primary School Fitzallen Street, Point Cumana
      Point Fortin A.C. Primary School School Road, Point Fortin
      Point Fortin A.S.J.A. Primary School Bryce Road, Point Fortin
      Point Fortin R.C. Primary School Reyes Street, Mahaica, Point Fortin
      Point Fortin SDA Primary Main Field Road, Point Fortin
      Pointe-a-Pierre Government Primary School No. 68, Station Road, Pointe-a-Pierre
      Poole R.C. Primary School Naparima/Mayaro Rd, Lazzari V’ge., Poole
      Poole River Presbyterian Primary School Fonrose Village, Poole, via Princes Town
      Port of Spain S.D.A. Belmont Circular Road, Belmont
      Preysal Government Primary School Preysal Village, Couva
      Princes Town Methodist Primary School //c/o Presbyterian #2, Craignish V’ge, Princes Town
      Princes Town A.S.J.A Primary School High Street, Princes Town
      Princes Town No.2 Presbyterian Primary School Kenneth Road, Craignish Village, Princes Town
      Princes Town Presbyterian No.1 Primary School Edward Street, Princes Town
      Princes Town R.C. Primary School Buen Intento Road, Princes Town
      Princess Elizabeth School 101-103 Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook,
      Raghunanan Road Government Primary School Ragoonanan Road, Enterprise
      Ramai Trace Hindu Primary School Ramai Trace, Debe Post Office, Debe
      Rampanalgas R.C. Primary School Toco Main Road, Balandra
      Rancho Quemado Government Primary School Rancho Quemado, Palo Seco
      Reform Hindu Primary School #1, Railway Rd, Reform Vge, c/o Gasparillo P.O
      Reform Presbyterian Primary School Reform Vge, Guaracara-Tabaquite Road, Gasparillo
      Renaissance Preparatory
      Richmond Street Boys’ A.C. Primary School 29, Richmond Street, Port of Spain
      Rio Claro A.S.J.A. Primary School Mohammed Avenue, Naparima Mayaro Road, Rio Claro
      Rio Claro Hindu Primary School Grant Street, Rio Claro
      Rio Claro Presbyterian Primary School 25-27 Rio Claro Guayaguayare Road, Rio Claro
      Rio Claro S.D.A. 2572 Naparima Mayaro Road, Rio Claro
      Rio Claro Vedic Primary School 28 1/4mm Tabaquite/Rio Claro Rd, Rio Claro PO 644-3629
      Riversdale Presbyterian Primary School Williamsville Post Office, Williamsville
      Riverside Hindu Primary School Narine Trace, Curepe
      Robert Village Hindu Primary School Robert Village, Tableland
      Rochard Douglas Presbyterian Primary School Rochard Douglas Rd. Rochard Douglas Post Office
      Rock River R.C. Primary School #1561 Moruga Road, Rock River, Moruga
      Rosary Boys’ R.C. Primary School 12, Park Street, Port of Spain
      Rose Hill R.C. Primary School 6, La Coule Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain
      Rosec Primary School 9 Cochrane StreetTunapuna
      Rousillac Hindu Primary School 19 Grant’s Road, Rousillac Post Office
      Rousillac Presbyterian Primary School 515-517 Southern Main Road, Rousillac
      Roxborough A.C. Primary School Union Street, Scarborough, Tobago
      Sacred Heart Boys’ R.C. Primary School 22 Richmond Street, Port of Spain
      Sacred Heart Girls’ R.C. Primary School Kew Place, Port of Spain
      Salazar Trace Government Primary School Salazar Trace, Point Fortin
      Salybia Government Primary School Toco Main Road, Salybia
      San Fernando Methodist Primary School 34 – 36 Mon Chagrin Street, San Fernando
      San Fernando A.S.J.A Primary School Park Street, San Fernando
      San Fernando Boys’ Government Primary School 29, Crichlow Street, San Fernando
      San Fernando Boys’ R.C. Primary School 22, Harris Promenado, San Fernando
      San Fernando Girls’ Government Primary School 84, Rushworth Street, San Fernando
      San Fernando Girls’ A.C. Primary School Pouchet Avenue, San Fernando
      San Fernando SDA Primary School Pouchet Street, San Fernando
      San Fernando T.M.L. Primary School 27, Farah Street, Les Efforts West, San Fernando
      San Francique Hindu Primary School 2 mm. San Francique Road, Penal
      San Francique Presbyterian Primary School 476-478 Pluck Road, San Francique, Via La Romaine
      San Juan Boys’ R.C. Primary School Cemetery Street, San Juan 638-8239
      San Juan Boys’ Government Primary School 60, Second Street, San Juan
      San Juan Girls’ R.C. Primary School San Juan Street, San Juan
      San Juan Girls’ Government Primary School 60, Second Street, San Juan
      San Juan Presbyterian Primary School Cor. Saddle & Mission Roads, San Juan
      San Juan S.D.A. Primary School Mission Road, San Juan
      San Rafael R.C. Primary School Tumpuna Road, San Rafael, via Arima
      San Souci R.C. Primary School George Street, Sans Souci Village, via Toco
      Sangre Chiquito Presbyterian Primary School Eastern Main Road, Sangre Chiquito
      Sangre Grande Government Primary School Oropouche Road, Sangre Grande
      Sangre Grande Hindu Primary School Rousseau Street, Sangre Grande
      Sangre Grande R.C. Primary School Bravo Hill, Upper Grande Grande
      Sangre Grande S.D.A. Primary School Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande
      Santa Cruz Presbyterian Primary School Lower Santa Cruz, c/o Bourg Multresse, San Cruz
      Santa Cruz R.C. Primary School Cor. Cantaro Ext. & Saddle Roads, Upper Santa Cruz
      Santa Flora A.C. Primary School Siparia/Erin Road, Santa Flora
      Santa Flora Government Primary School Santa Flora Road, Erin Road, Santa Flora
      Santa Maria R.C. Primary School 22.5m.m Penal Rock Road, via Basseterre, Moruga
      Santa Rita R.C. Primary School 460B, TabaquiteRoad, San Pedro, Poole, Rio Claro
      Santa Rosa Government Primary School Pinto Road, Arima
      Savonetta Private P.O. Box 4243, Claxton Bay
      Scarborough Methodist Primary School Picton Street, Main Street, Scarborough, Tobago
      Scarborough R.C. Primary School Hay Street, Scarborough, Tobago 639 – 5525
      Scarborough S.D.A. Rockley-Vale, Scarborough, Tobago
      School for the Blind Santa Cruz
      Seereeram Memorial Primary School Old Southern Main Rd., Montrose, Chaguanas
      Sevilla Private Brechin Castle, Couva
      Signal Hill Government Primary School Signal Hill, Tobago
      Siparia (St. Christopher) A.C. Primary School 1-3, High Street, Siparia
      Siparia Boys’ R.C. Primary School 28, Mary Street, Siparia
      Siparia Hindu Primary School Seegobin Drive, Siparia
      Siparia Road K.P.A. Primary School Thick Village, Siparia Road
      Siparia Road Presbyterian Primary School Siparia Road, Tuck Village, via Avocat
      Siparia SDA Primary School # 7 Station StreetSiparia
      Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary School Lalla Street, Siparia
      Sister’s Road A.C. Primary School #764 Sisters Road, Busy Corner, New Grant
      Sixth Company A.C. Primary School Circular Road, New Grant
      South Oropouche Government Primary School St. Mary’s Village, South Oropouche
      South Oropouche R.C. Primary School St. Mary’s Village, South Oropouche
      Southern Central A.C. Primary School Southern Main Rd. via Point Fortin
      Specialist Learning Center 6 B Wilson Street, St Augustine
      Speyside A.C. Primary School Windward Main Road, Speyside, Tobago
      Spring Vale Hindu Primary School Forres Park Ext., Spring Vale, Claxton Bay
      Spring Village Hindu Primary School Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Curepe
      St. Agnes A.C. Primary School 18, Clarence Street, St. James
      St. Andrews A.C. Primary School Calder Hall Road, Scarborough, Tobago
      St. Andrew’s Private School 16 Valleton Avenue, Maraval
      St. Ann’s R.C. Primary School 7A, St. Ann’s Avenue, Port of Spain
      St. Augustine South Government Primary School Bedassie Street, St. Augustine
      St. Barb’s Government Primary School Mentor Alley, Upper Laventille Road, Laventille
      St. Benedict’s R.C. Primary School St. John’s Road, St. Augustine
      St. Brigid’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School 8, La Pastora Street, Siparia
      St. Catherine’s Girls’ A.C. Primary School 143, Duke Street, Port of Spain
      St. Catherine’s Preparatory Primary # 1 Tulip Drive, Clifton Hill, Point Fortin
      St. Catherine’s Private 22 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain
      St. Clement’s Vedic Primary School 102, Naparima/Mayaro Rd, St. Clement Junction, San Fernando
      St. Crispin’s A.C. Primary School 101, Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook
      St. David’s R.C. Primary School Main Road, Kelly Village, Caroni
      St. Dominic’s R.C. Primary School #1 Tapana Street, Morvant
      St. Finbar’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School Convent Street, Arouca
      St. Frances Montessori Preparatory Cor. Central and Arch Street, Vistabella
      St. Gabriel’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School Lord Street, San Fernando
      St. Helena Hindu Primary School St. Helena Village, Piarco
      St. Helena Presbyterian Primary School St. Helena Village, Piarco, via Arouca P.O.
      St. Hilary’s Preparatory 26-27 Green Street, Arima
      St. Hilda’s Government Primary School 95, Quarry Street, Port of Spain
      St. John’s A.C. Primary School St. John’s Village, Cipero Road, via San Fernando
      St. Joseph Government Primary School Corner Market & Abercromby Streets, St. Joseph
      St. Joseph T.M.L. Primary School Eastern Main Road, Maracas, via St. Joseph
      St. Joseph Terrace # 97 Circular Road, San Fernando
      St. Joseph’s Boys’ R.C. Primary School Abercromby Street, St. Joseph
      St. Joseph’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School Richmond Street, St. Joseph
      St. Julien Presbyterian Primary School Sancho Road, New Grant Post Office
      St. Margaret’s Government Primary School St. Margaret’s Village, Claxton Bay
      St. Margaret’s Boys’ A.C. Primary School 6, St. Margaret’s Lane, Belmont
      St. Mark’s Preparatory 101 Cascade Road, Cascade
      St. Martin’s R.C. Primary School 34b, Belmont Cir. Road, Port of Spain
      St. Mary’s Government Primary School 960 Moruga Road St. Mary’s Village Moruga Road
      St. Mary’s A.C. Primary School Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua
      St. Mary’s Children Home A.C. Primary School Richard Street, Tacarigua
      St. Michael’s A.C. Primary School Craignish, Princes Town
      St. Michael’s School for Boys A.C. Primary School Diego Martin Main Road, Diego Martin
      St. Nicholas Private Mt. Marie, Scarborough, Tobago
      St. Patrick’s A.C. Primary School Church Street, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago
      St. Paul’s A.C. Primary School Harris Street, San Fernando
      St. Peter’s Private School Bonne Aventure Park,Point-a-Pierre
      St. Phillip’s Government Primary School Old St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain
      St. Pius Boys’ R.C. Primary School Lopinot Road, Arouca
      St. Rose’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School 126, Henry Street, Port of Spain
      St. Stephen’s A.C. Primary School High Street, Princes Town
      St. Theresa’s Girls’ R.C. Primary School 46-50. De Verteuile Street, Woodbrook
      St. Therese R.C. Primary School 25 3/4 mm Naparima/Mayaro Rd, Rio Claro
      St. Therese’s Preparatory 2E Hillard Hall, Norfolk StreetBelmont
      St. Ursula’s A.C. Primary School 125 – 130, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain
      St. Xavier’s Private Ricjmond Street, St. Joseph
      Ste Madeleine Government Primary School Manahambre Road, Ste Madeleine
      Success R.C. Primary School Church Street, Success Village, Laventille
      Suchit Trace Hindu Primary School Suchit Trace, Penal
      Tabaquite R.C. Primary School Sandhill Trace, Tabaquite
      Tabaquite Presbyterian Primary School Tabaquite Main Rd, Tabaquite Post Office
      Tableland A.C. Primary School #26 Swamber Trace, Tableland Post Office
      Tablepiece Government Primary School Arnos Vale Road, Les Coteaux, Tobago
      Tacarigua Presbyterian Primary School 104, Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua
      Talparo R.C. Primary School School Street, Talparo, via Arima
      Tamana Hindu Primary School Tamana Hill Rd., Guaico Tamana, via Sangre Grande
      Tamana R.C. Primary School Four Roads, via Tamana
      The University School Baker Street, St Augustine
      Toco A.C Primary School Church Street, Toco
      Toco R.C. Primary School Paria Main Road, Mission Village, Toco
      Todd’s Road R.C. Primary School #34 Fletcher’s Road,Todd’s Road,via Longdenville
      Torrib Trace Presbyterian Primary School Office
      Tortuga Government Primary School 312 Mayo Rd., Tortuga Village, via Couva
      Tranquillity Government Primary School 2, Stanmore Avenue, Port of Spain
      Trinity Junior 6 Melbourne Street, Port of Spain
      Tulsa Trace Hindu Primary School Tulsa Trace, Penal Post Office
      Tunapuna Presbyterian Primary School Cor. Payne & Cochrane Streets, Tunapuna
      Tunapuna (Simbhoonath Capildeo) Primary School Cor. Churchill Roosevelt Hway & Pasea Main Rd
      Tunapuna A.C. Primary School Morton Street, Tunapuna
      Tunapuna Boys’ R.C. Primary School Lower Picton Street, Tunapuna
      Tunapuna Girls’ R.C. Primary School Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna
      Tunapuna Government Primary School #1, Pasea Main Road, Tunapuna
      Union Presbyterian Primary School Hermitage Road,Union Village, Claxton Bay
      Upper Carapichaima Presbyterian Primary School 345 Freeport Mission Rd, Upper Carapichaima
      Upper Cumuto No.2 Government Primary School Main Road, Cumuto
      Upper Guaico R.C. Primary School Nestor Village, via Sangre Grande
      Upper Lav. (Our Lady of Laventille) R.C. Primary School Picton Road, Upper Laventille, Port of Spain
      Valencia R.C./Gov’t Primary School Flamboyant Crescent, Valencia
      Valencia South Government Primary School Cor Alexander Street & Flambouyant Crescent, Valencia
      Vance River R.C. Primary School Kern Street, Vance River Village, Guapo, La Brea
      Vistabella Presbyterian Primary School 1-3 Cane Street, Vistabella, via San Fernando
      Vos Government Primary School Charles Street, Gasparillo
      Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School Southern Main Road, Warrenville, Cunupia
      Warrenville T.I.A. Primary School Southern Main Road, Warrenville, Cunupia
      Waterloo Hindu Primary School Waterloo Road, Carapichaima
      Waterloo Presbyterian Primary School Waterloo Road, Carapichaima
      Waterman’s Preparatory 47-50 Moskit Drive, La Romaine
      Westport S.D.A. Chow Quan Avenue, Diego Martin
      Wharton Patrick School 2A Sydenham Avenue, Cascade
      Whim A.C. Primary School Mary’s Hill, Tobago
      William Webb Memorial Baptist Primary School Hindustan Estate Road, New Grant
      Windsor Preparatory Austin Street, St. Augustine
      Woodbrook Presbyterian Primary School 179, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain
      Woodland Hindu Primary School La Fortune, Woodland, via La Romaine

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