Venezuela may be on the verge of a Coup d’état

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      Venezuela may be on the verge of a Coup d’état

      [caption id="attachment_693590" align="alignnone" width="800"]Venezuela Coup d'état United States Vice President Mike Pence backs Venezuelan protesters seeking to oust President Nicolás Maduro[/caption]

      Juan Guaidó Opposition leader of Venezuela has declared himself president and it seems he has the backing of the United States government. Vice President mike Pence has issued a statement in support of opposition supporters who are as we speak protesting the reinstatement of Nicolas Maduro.

      At least four people have died following overnight clashes ahead of Wednesday’s rival protests in Venezuela by supporters and opponents of President Nicolas Maduro, police and a non-governmental organization said. Thousands were beginning to assemble in Caracas ahead of the rival demonstrations on Wednesday, expected to be the first mass street rallies since 125 people died during protests between April and July, 2017.

      Donald Trump has even tweeted support of the opposition of Venezuela. As a result Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is giving American diplomats 72 hours to abandon the country after breaking diplomatic relations with the U.S. over its decision to recognize an opposition leader as interim president.

      Maduro said in his speech the U.S. was making a “grave mistake” by trying to impose a president on Venezuela and rattled off a long list of countries — Guatemala, Brazil, Chile and Argentina — that saw leftist governments toppled or come under military rule during the Cold War with U.S. support.

      See official statement from the White House on the situation in Venezuela:

      Statement from President Donald J. Trump Recognizing Venezuelan National Assembly President Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela


      We will update you as the situation develops, so remember to keep checking in for details

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