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      Licensing and Monitoring Associate

      The Children’s Authority of Trinidad & Tobago




      Job Title:      Licensing and Monitoring Associate

       Department: Licensing and Monitoring

      Section:        Legal & Regulatory Services

      Reports to:   Senior Licensing and Monitoring Associate

      Direct Reports:       NA

      Indirect Reports:    NA



      The Licensing and Monitoring Associate establishes and maintains contact will all community residences and foster care homes by conducting routine monitoring and investigations to ensure that managers of these facilities are working towards the requirements set by the Authority for the licensing and meeting and maintaining the required standards for their operations.

      All activities must be geared towards maintaining the highest level of service to all internal and external stakeholders and clients, must be sensitive to children’s issues, must conform to the guidelines and standards set by the Authority and to all legal, regulatory and statutory requirements.


      1. Reviews applications for the licensing of facilities to ensure that all requirements prescribed in the licensing process are met.  This would involve examination of subsidiary information such as:
      • a criminal records disclosure application form
      • a suitable person questionnaire for the manager and the organisational applicant
      • a health declaration form
      • a financial statement and reference form
      • Statutory requirements
      1. Assess the suitability of persons to manage the facility and make recommendations on whether a licence should be issued.This would involve studying the information submitted with the application; carrying out checks and interviewing the applicant and anyone else connected with the licensing application; and by having pre-licensing inspection of the premises.
      2. Prepare ‘Requirements’ letter to request any additional information to support the Licensing Application.
      3. Undertake post licensing visits to inspect facilities and documents to determine whether organisations are operating consistent with the licence issued.
      4. Liaise with the Finance Department on facilities to be licensed regarding the payment of application fees.
      5. Conduct field visits at the following agencies; the National Family Services Division, the Criminal Records Bureau, the Police, Referees and any other persons or organisation to determine the suitability of the provider or manager.
      6. Support the Communications Department in providing public awareness sessions to familiarise providers with the licensing process, how to meet the standards, the provisions of the Code of Conduct and its implications.
      7. Prepare reports on all visits conducted.
      8. Make written recommendations on whether a facility should be licensed.
      9. Respond to any specific complaints made against a provider, conduct enquiries of any complaint and investigate allegations of abuse on behalf of the Authority.
      10. Respond to specific incidents or emergencies identified for resolution.
      11. Support the development and maintenance of a team environment by performing other related duties.


      • A Bachelor of Science Degree in Management; Early Childhood Development; Social Work; Child and Youth Care or a related field.
      • At least two years’ experience working in a regulatory environment where the candidate was routinely involved in establishing and monitoring standards.
      • Experience working in social care, especially in a child protection environment, will be an asset.
      • Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative standards will be an asset.
      • Knowledge of quality auditing will be an asset.
      • Working knowledge of ISO 9000 Suite of Standards.
      • Any other equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered.REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES
      • Good verbal and written communication skills.
      • Good interpersonal skills.
      • Working knowledge of OSHA regulations and guidelines.
      • Demonstrable interest in children’s issues.Interested persons are asked to adopt the following guidelines when submitting an application:
        • Kindly submit your Resume and Cover Letter in one (1) document in either a word or pdf file.
        • Applications are to be titled as the Candidate’s name, i.e. First Name and Last Name.
        • Clearly identify the position applied for in the Cover Letter and Subject of the email.
        • Hard copies of applications will be accepted, however soft copies are preferred.
        • Please apply via one (1) advertising medium only.
        • Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.

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