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      Marketing Specialist





      Applications are invited from persons with suitable qualifications to fill the position of¬†‚ÄúMarketing Specialist‚Ä̬†at the¬†Group Marketing and Communications Department.


      The jobholder is responsible for:


      –¬† Assisting the Senior Manager with the planning and development of creative and innovative strategies for the Eastern Caribbean and implementing agreed plans for roll-out of these strategies.

      –¬† Monitoring performance of campaigns and initiatives, preparing reports, coordinating research initiatives and making recommendations on the effectiveness of the agreed strategies and tactics.

      –¬† Planning and monitoring the development, production and deployment of other marketing activities such as advertising, research and forecasting, new product development and marketing performance.




      Strategic Support:

      –¬† Working with the Marketing Specialist St. Lucia to oversee and manage the planning and development of marketing strategies for the Eastern Caribbean

      –¬† Scheduling meetings, obtaining statistics/inputs and participating in discussions with internal and external stakeholders (e.g. agencies, territories, external parties & other Units)¬†for the preparation of all Marketing Plans for the Eastern Caribbean

      –¬† ¬†Documenting the process, making recommendations and working with the manager to prepare presentations and proposals for approval

      –¬† Supporting the creation of the following for the Eastern Caribbean:

      • Annual marketing plans
      • All marketing campaigns and promotions
      • Traditional & digital advertising plans
      • Major Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives e.g. CPL


      Territorial Support:

      –¬† Assisting the manager in achieving group harmonization with the Eastern Caribbean & other territories by (for example):

      • Scheduling meetings monthly to share strategy, successes and challenges
      • Identifying and recommending marketing information that will assist individual territories &/or the Group
      • Preparing reports on group initiatives
      • Assisting the manager in implementing directives
      • Overseeing the production, printing and supply of key publications e.g. quarterly reports/financials
      • ¬†Supporting the Marketing Specialist in St. Lucia as required with the implementation of agreed strategies
      • Reviewing performance reports and working with the Business Analytics & Martech team to analyze reports and make changes to strategic or tactical plans (as required) to continuously improve marketing performance.


      Branding and Communication Support:

      –¬† In conjunction with the manager Brand Management, overseeing the production and execution of all brand & communication related activities for the Eastern Caribbean such as:

      • Marketing collateral design and approval
      • Website and Social Media planning and management
      • Communications and Public Relations preparation and distribution e.g. press releases, circulars


      Product development & enhancement:

      –¬† Collaborating with the Personal and Business Segment Managers as well as giving input into the discussion with internal and external stakeholders (e,g. agencies, external parties, risk, ITMD & other Units)¬†for the development of new products/services or to enhance existing offerings for the Eastern Caribbean

      –¬† Documenting the process, making recommendations and working with the manager to prepare proposals for approval


      Market Research:

      –¬† On a monthly or quarterly basis, working with the Marketing Specialist St. Lucia to review competitor products/services and preparing a summary report of the findings i.e. competitive advantages and shortfall against our current offerings with recommendations.

      –¬† Working with the Research Officer and Marketing Specialist St. Lucia in identifying market gaps and /or opportunities that should be explored with a view toward deepening our understanding of the Eastern Caribbean region.

      –¬† Working with the Marketing Specialist St. Lucia to review the findings identified in market research reports and using insights gained in the development of marketing strategies and tactics.


      Staff Engagement:

      –¬† Assisting the manager in creating a positive work environment by fostering open communication, ongoing guidance and information sharing within GMC and the Eastern Caribbean.



      –¬† Working with the Admin Unit to effectively manage the budget allocation. These activities include:

      • In conjunction with the respective Units/managers, preparing the annual advertising, campaign and promotions budget
      • Approving estimates and negotiating fair prices with agencies & external suppliers
      • Monitoring and approving invoices presented for payment, ensuring that they are accurate and that they are paid within the required timeframe
      • Maintaining an effective system to track and manage these bills and payments.




      The jobholder should have:


      –¬† Bachelor‚Äôs Degree in Marketing, or Business-related field

      –¬† Minimum of five years‚Äô marketing experience of which at least one year should be in the supervisory/leadership role

      –¬† Expert knowledge of the Bank‚Äôs operations

      –¬† Working knowledge of media planning & scheduling

      Computer Literacy ‚Äď PowerPoint/Excel/Word



      -Strong leadership skills

      -Excellent Written/Oral communication, Organizational, Presentation, Creative, Investigative/Research understanding skills




      The Bank offers an attractive compensation package.

      Closing date for submission of applications is October 18, 2019

      Apply Now

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