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      Remote Job Online Opportunity Online Psychologist

      Remote Job Online Opportunity

      Remote Job Online Opportunity

      Online Psychologist

      Company Name: Lifekeys
      Company Location: Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

      Do you want to join us in making online psychological treatment more accessible in Trinidad and Tobago?

      Lifekeys is the leading Nordic provider of online psychological services and we are proud to say that we have changed many lives for the better. In the last decade, research and clinical experience has shown that online therapy can be as effective as offline therapy for a wide range of mental health issues, including , anxiety, depression, eating disorders and other common disorders. At Lifekeys, our vision is to make mental health care more accessible and affordable for everyone.

      Currently, we are looking for highly driven and skilled psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago with proven experience in clinical psychology and a high interest in digital psychology interventions who want to join us on our path to achieve this vision. The position can be full-time or part-time, depending on your availability. Thus, you can easily combine the position with other work.

      We offer a unique opportunity for you as a psychologist to modernise psychology services in Trinidad and Tobago. You will have a flexible work day where you can work anytime and anywhere and receive training in using innovative tools and systems. In addition, we offer competitive remuneration.


      •  You are licensed as a psychologist in Trinidad and Tobago.
      •  You have a minimum of 1 year clinical experience.
      •  You are comfortable conducting therapy over video and phone.
      •  You are comfortable with technology and thrive in working with innovative solutions.


      Remote Job Online Opportunity

      Online Psychologist

      General enquiries about the position:

      David Danquah (Recruitment Manager)

      +47 40 96 19 69

      Application deadline 26th of June 2020

      Please send CV and application to

      We look forward to hearing from you Lifekeys was founded in 2017 to make therapy more accessible and affordable for everyday people. Since then, Lifekeys has become the leading provider of online therapy in the Nordics.


      • Mental Health Care

      Employment Type


      Job Functions

      • Health Care Provider

      About Lifekeys

      We are on a mission to solve the largest health problem in Europe by providing quality driven therapy by evidence-based principles by licensed psychologists and taking that extra step to meet our clients needs. We are continually focused on providing psychological help and make it more accessible and acceptable.

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