Programs Manager, Habitat for Humanity

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      Programs Manager, Habitat for Humanity

      Habitat for Humanity
      Non-profit organisation
      Programs Manager, Caribbean Natural Disaster Response
      Port of Spain, Trinidad, Trinidad And Tobago

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      Posting Description

      The Programs Manager, Caribean Disaster Response will lead the creation of capacities, as well as the design and the implementation of HFH DR3 programs in the Caribbean and expand our scale and impact in the region.

      This role is based in Port of Spain, Trinidad .

      Position Summary:

      1. Lead the development and implementation of HFHI LAC Disaster Risk reduction and Response strategy in the Caribbean region, working with all Caribbean HFH national organizations and other implementing partners with particular emphasis on those geographical areas subject to seasonal natural hazards.

      2. Implement, manage, and support disaster response projects in field locations, including travel to current/proposed project areas to perform rapid assessments, project formulation and inception, training and capacity-building, collaborating with the HQ Disaster Response Department.

      3. Establish coordination and networking relationships and seek collaborative work and partnerships with other humanitarian/development agencies involved in disaster response and disaster risk reduction.

      4. Assist HFH national organizations affected by disasters and/or complex emergencies in developing programs to increase their capacity to meet shelter and housing needs of their communities. Facilitates and provides guidance in transition from temporary/emergency shelter activities to standard, long-term HFH construction practices.

      5. Develop disaster response processes and policy protocols, in coordination with the LAC AO, for emergency response operations in the Caribbean including HFHI national offices. Assess existing business procedures relating to disaster response and make recommendations for strengthening response programs while promoting mitigation and disaster preparedness activities, techniques and awareness.

      6. Evaluate and make recommendations on project organization issues, logistics, program delivery and methods of construction. Advise and train staff in shelter, housing and settlement related issues, particularly in areas of new and alternative/innovative concepts and construction processes that support the goal of disaster risk reduction and post-disaster holistic shelter assistance.

      7. Explore funding opportunities and write proposals to obtain funds to develop capacity in NO’s, support responses to disasters within the region and implement Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation projects.

      8.Lead and collaborate with the Area Office and national organizations teams and departments to mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction, Mitigation and Response Strategies in normal operations, and participate as team member in other global or regional strategic initiatives contributing DRRR expertise and perspectives.

      9. Lead, Coordinate and overview implementation of DRRR related projects and provide community-based trainings in the community level and staff trainings to support other project implementation, monitoring, and reporting activities

      10. Eventually, collaborate in other DRRR activities in the LAC region.

      Success Criteria:

      * # and $ amount of new DR3 projects successfully funded and implemented in the Caribbean in partnership with NOs or other key stakeholders.
      * # of attendance to networking events to help position HFH
      * # of proposals presented to donors
      * # of family served
      * Disaster response protocols in place
      * # of community-based trainings

      Minimum Required:

      * Education: degree in a related fill
      * Fully bilingual English – Spanish.
      * Minimum of 8 years of experience in facilitating processes and/or managing prevention, mitigation, preparedness and disaster response programs and alliances in a multinational environment/ Experience in the Shelter and Settlement Sector
      * Systemic thinking and analytical problem
      * Alliances and partnerships promotion and management skills
      * Excellent spoken and written communications
      * Active support of HFHI Values:

      o Humility – we are part of something bigger than ourselves

      o Courage – We do what’s right, even when it is difficult or unpopular

      o Accountability – We take personal responsibility for Habitat’s mission.

      * Safeguarding: HFHI requires that all employees take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work. Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.

      Programs Manager, Habitat for Humanity. Preferred:

      * French speaking

      Programs Manager, Habitat for Humanity.

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