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      Provides support to the Manager, Online Games in co-ordinating the workflows of the Online department to ensure that Agents operates within the parameters of their contract and that customers/agents concerns and/or queries are resolved promptly.


      Duties and Responsibilities

      • Provides support to the Manager, On Line Games in co-ordinating and supervising the day to day work activities of a small group of staff.
      • Ensures that all on line gaming systems are properly functioning at all times.
      • Supervises monitoring the activities of on line central system to ensure that Agents sales are properly accounted for and initiates appropriate corrective action where necessary.
      • Coordinates all monitoring activities on the central system in order to ensure that Agents follow the rules and guidelines as stipulated in the contractual agreement and initiates appropriate corrective action where necessary.
      •  Conducts security checks to ensure that there is no fraudulent wagering and to keep track of overall changes in online activity and reports any inconsistencies to the Manager, Online Games.
      •   Coordinates the application process including the evaluation, licensing, onboarding and orientation of new agents.
      • Coordinates the execution of agents’ financial accountability by ensuring the reconciling and preparing agents financial reports.
      •  Oversees the maintenance of Agents’ files, bank files, financial and other records.
      • Ensures that all circulars, online messages, and general letters to agents and applicants are accurately prepared and distributed on a timely basis.
      • Reviews, analyzes and develops department policies and operating procedures and makes recommendations for changes.
      • Performs system troubleshooting in any online lottery related matters.
      • Updates the company website on a regular basis; ensuring that all current promotions are advertised accurately and draw results updated in a timely manner.
      • Fills in for Online Games Manager concerning policy and procedure inquiries as needed.


      Minimum Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


      • An Associates Degree in Management/Business Administration or Information Technology Management from a recognised institution
      • Five years progressive working experience at least two (2) must be at a senior level.
      • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration.
      • Knowledge of the principles and practices of governmental accounting, statistics and personnel administration.
      • Ability to plan, organise and supervise the work of others.
      • Ability to gather, correlate and analyse facts and devise solutions to administrative problems.
      • Ability to exercise judgement and discretion in applying agency policies and procedures.
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and the general public.
      • Ability to develop and implement administrative policies and procedures.
      • Proficiency in MS Office Suite

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