Living Water Community Protection Advocate

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      Living Water Community Protection Advocate

      Living Water Community Protection Advocate

      Port-Of-Spain or Newtown, North West
      TTD 12000 per month
      Full time, Contract

      Living Water Community Protection Advocate Description

      The PA (Unaccompanied and Separated minors) will prepare case plans and provide case management for unaccompanied or separated minors and work closely with Child protection team to ensure the rights of the child are protected.
      Some specific tasks are given below:

      • Conduct best interest assessments for unaccompanied or separated  and other persons as assigned by the Case Management Supervisor
      • Prepare case plans and case management for unaccompanied and separated minors as well as families with children deemed to be most vulnerable or with unique/special needs
      • Serve as emergency focal point on assigned days to the walk-in POCs
      • Develop referral mechanisms, policies and procedures for attending to this vulnerable population
      • Liaise with Child Protection team to advocate for access to services and determine appropriate referral channels
      • Conduct home visits to assess, monitor and follow up on assistance provided to this population
      • Serve as focal point for matters pertaining to this vulnerable population
      • Attend case management meetings and support team as needed in attending to vulnerable persons
      • Review, update, and maintain files and filing system in collaboration with the case management team and registration officers
      • Provide interpretation and translation services as needed
      • Keep track of migration and human rights related issues nationally and internationally
      • Other duties as required

      Job Requirements

      Bachelor’s degree required.
      Educational background – preferably International Relations, Law, Gender Studies, Sociology, Human Rights, Foreign Languages, Social Work and other related fields.


      • Excellent oral and written communication skills, with ability to communicate and engage with diverse populations non discriminately
      • Experience using Microsoft Programs and Spreadsheets
      • English Fluency and Spanish language Proficiency 
      • Knowledge of the international legal framework governing human rights and children’s issues
      • Knowledge of and/or preparedness to become familiar with and abide by UNHCR’s principles, code of conduct and humanitarian goals
      • Preparedness to support LWC’s mission and principle of selfless service to mankind
      • Prior International travel/exposure
      • Willingness to engage in ongoing learning/training opportunities


      • Excellent drafting skills
      • Self management and ability to carry out tasks independently
      • Ability to take initiative
      • Analytical thinking
      • Patience
      • Attention to detail and deadlines
      • Flexibility
      • Sense of Humour with ability to work under stress
      • Strong interpersonal skills (e.g. conflict resolution) and ability to work effectively in a team
      • Strict adherence to principles of confidentiality
      • Non-discrimination, Religious Tolerance and Cultural Sensitivity
      • ​Emotional resilience


      • Knowledgeable about the needs and health concerns of migrant populations or willingness to learn
      • Experience or preparedness to become familiar with working with victims of trauma
      • Second or more Language capabilities (Arabic, French, Bengali, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Urdu)
      • Prior exposure to people of diverse cultures/lived, studied, volunteered or worked abroad
      • Awareness of sexual and gender minority issues
      • Knowledge of the international legal framework governing refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and statelessness; also of human rights and children’s issues
      • Counselling Skills
      • Ability to identify protection risks in population of concern

      REPORTS TO: Case Management Supervisor, Ministry for Migrants and Refugees
      SCHEDULE: 5 days per week, 40 hour, some flexibility is possible. May require assistance/attendance at special events/meetings outside of working hours.
      The contract is until December 31st, 2019 and extension of contract is funding and performance dependent.
      Valid passport is required for travel.

      Apply here

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