Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme (JET)

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      Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme (JET)

      ** For the 2020 Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme (JET) Programme, Barbadian applicants must submit their documents to the Embassy of Japan in Barbados.

      This programme enables local authorities to employ foreign youth as Assistant English Language Teachers (ALT’s) for Japanese students from Elementary to High School Level. Currently, the program invites approximately 5,700 participants from around 57 countries each year, making it one of the largest cultural exchange programs in the world!


      In addition to being proficient in the English language, prospective ALT’s should be interested in Japan’s rich culture, and should also be willing to promote international exchange at the community level.
      Nationals of Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados are eligible to apply for this program.


      If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity, Please click here.

      FOR Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme(JET) PROGRAMME- CURRENT NEWS

      Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme (JET) TIMELINE OF EVENTS


      1. Application period (October-November)

      2.Interviews with shortlisted candidates (January – early February)

      3. Announcement of final candidates and alternates (May)

      4.Departure of JETs (mid-September)


      Applications for the Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme(JET) Programme 2020 (Download files here)

      List of required documents

      Application Guidelines (Trinidad and Tobago)

      Application Form

      Application Form Chart Sheet

      Self Report of Medical condition(s)

      Certificate of Health

      Statement of Physician

      Kindly note the following when submitting Application forms:

      1. Candidates will be required to submit three (3) application forms in total:



      *other 2 forms with COPIED documents.


      2. Only suitably qualified applicants will be acknowledged. Telephone enquiries will not be accepted.


      3. All documents submitted with the application form will not be returned.


      4. Only Certified/Official transcripts from Universities (and not student copy of transcripts) will be accepted. This should be submitted with the application forms.


      5. A certified copy of the Bachelor’s Degree will be accepted.


      6. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.


      7. No CV/Resumes are to be submitted.

      Please send these documents to the Embassy of Japan:

      Embassy of Japan in Trinidad and Tobago

      5 Hayes Street

      St. Clair,


      Embassy of Japan in Barbados

      Office A. Mars House,

      No.13 Pine Road,

      St. Michael, Barbados

      Application Deadline: 22 November, 2019 (Trinidad & Tobago applicants)

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