Forklift Driver Employment Opportunity

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      Forklift Driver Employment Opportunity

      Forklift Driver Employment Opportunity


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      This position is responsible for the proper storage of goods within the Main, Dispatch Area and Bonded Warehouses. Candidate must be in possession of a valid Class IV or V forklift certification

      Main Responsibilities: 

      1. To drive the forklift on a daily basis to help deliver goods on all pick tickets.
      2. Report any maintenance issues related to the fork lift.
      3. To drive the forklift in keeping with company policies and OSHA requirements.
      4. To ensure that goods are appropriately stored for easy retrieval according to established guidelines.
      5. To assist with loading of vans where necessary and offloading of containers.
      6. To assist in all counts, monthly and annually. This may involve staying back after the allotted time to ensure 100 % accuracy of the count.
      7. To assist with the delivery of goods to the dispatch area once goods are available
      8. To ensure that the warehouse is kept clean, in order to facilitate efficiency of operations. This includes re-packing goods into their allocated sites.
      9. To ensure that the warehouse is properly secured at all times.
      10. Performs related duties as assigned.

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