Digital Media Specialist Vacancy

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      Digital Media Specialist Vacancy




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      Create and implement the company’s online & social media branding, marketing & sales strategy. Achieve superior employee and customer engagement, website traffic and revenue by strategically utilising all aspects of online and social media.


      Digital Media

      –         Serves as the brand ambassador / promoter for the brands in online & social media spaces, engages in dialogues and answers client / followers’ questions where appropriate for local, regional brand pages

      –         Manages brand content, develops and expands community and / or blogger outreach efforts monitors daily activities online & on social media

      –         Creates and executes online and social media marketing promotions, engagements and conversions to drive brand-awareness through the online & social media platforms

      –         Builds and executes online & social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, bench-marking messaging and audience identification

      –         Oversees or directly manage digital marketing channels across PPC, SEO, Display, affiliates and email marketing and social media

      –         Develops and presents ideas for pitches, promotions, online & social media campaigns.

      –         Collaborates with other departments to manage brand vision; identify key players and coordinates actions.

      –         Establishes, monitors and reviews the effective and ineffective practices via online & social media, PR campaigns and promotions and respond accordingly

      –         Produces weekly / monthly engagement and statistic recap reports by including performance analytics, demographics, product trends, customer feedback & interaction along with identifying threats and opportunities in generated content.

      –         Coordinates with management on creating promotions and online & social ad campaigns.

      –         Creates and manages all content including images, video and written content

      –         Performs ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimisation as well as preparing monthly KPI reports for SEO performance improvements.

      –         Responses timely to queries and online comments

      –         Selects online & social media outlets to engage targeted audiences

      –         Keeps abreast of emerging technology in digital and social media tools, trends and applications and recommend new opportunities

      –         Works as part of a team with marketing and / or other departments within the organisation

      –         Supports a digital paid media strategy covering paid search, display, paid social, and online video activity. develop, executes & scales PPC strategy/execution across multiple platforms (Google, Bing, & Yahoo)

      –         Monitors analytics such as Insite / Google Analytics, SEO, and site traffic metrics, conversion rates, repeat customer rate, abandoned checkout rate, site traffic, etc., improves % CTR and drives conversion rate optimisation, sales, conversion and a/b testing and reporting

      – Translates business requirements into the appropriate data structure to improve the business processes with ODOO and other technology tools


      –         Plan, develop, test and execute onsite content and store changes, including but not limited to product detail pages, category pages, ongoing maintenance work incl. updates, integration of extensions and general store development, copy edits.

      –         Develops, executes and manages parameters for all web site promotions, coupons and bundles.

      –         Manages product data and images; add, delete, update and perform ongoing maintenance to correct any inaccuracies appearing in product descriptions, specifications, images, pricing.

      –         Assists in handling difficult or emotional customer situations; responds promptly to customer needs; processes orders and quotations; coordinate freight quotations, freight schedules and freight delivery.

      –         Liaises with suppliers, shippers and customers to execute orders and quotations, keep track of all queries from the store.

      Database Administration

      –          Be the project manager and liaison for IT for the development and maintenance of sales related in-house databases.

      –          Assist management in the generation and analysis of the respective reports generated from such databases.


      Website Administrator

      –         Manages the development and maintenance of the websites assigned; ASSL group, ASSL store, ASSL regional awards and regional websites

      –         Integrates and manages third-party apps on the website, troubleshoot any website errors.

      –         Ensures homepage, navigation, product pages, and other site content is up to date with relevant content, features, news, promotions and products

      –         Manages all website content and related layouts utilising user-experience best practices.

      –         Recommends solutions for site enhancements to improve the user experience. Researches, Develops and implements market in order to discover new trends and technologies in order to improve website performance.

      –         Upgrades websites and security patches. Plans and implements changes, enhancements, additions, and / or deletions to websites as needed, ensuring little disruption to users. Test and deploy functional improvements, new content, using multiple device platforms

      Any other related activities as assigned.

      Digital Media Specialist Vacancy

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