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      • San Juan/Barataria
      • Not disclosed
      • Permanent full-time
      • Updated 21/11/2019
      • Chief Executive Officer

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      To provide legal, executive and administrative advice and support to the Board and ensure that the Board complies with all legal and statutory requirements and the required standards of corporate governance.


      Job Title:                     CORPORATE SECRETARY

      Key Responsibilities

      1. Provide legal advice and guidance to the Chairman and the Board on matters relating to the Authority including advice on corporate governance, risk and compliance and ensure that the Board operates in accordance with the provisions of the Telecommunications Act and all applicable laws of Trinidad and Tobago.
      2. Facilitate corporate governance training of the Board.
      3. Consult with the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer on establishing a sound corporate governance framework and ensure that corporate governance requirements and statutory obligations are complied with by the Board.
      4. In conjunction with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer plan, prepare, arrange and produce agendas, notes, reports and minutes and other material for the Board and Board Committees meetings.
      5. Manage the processing and distribution of all information and material for the Board and Board Committees.
      6. Provide the Chairman and the Board with advice on notes, reports and any other matter when so required.
      7. Attend Board and Board Committees meetings and record minutes and do all other functions as the Board may determine.
      8. Maintain and safeguard Board records, minutes, documents, reports, files, statements and any other information.
      9. Keep custody of the official seal and use it when required by law.
      10. Follow up on matters arising from Board meetings with relevant personnel, state and statutory agencies, as may be required.
      11. Serve as the interface to the office of Chairman when required.
      12. Ensure the timely renewal and or appointment of directors to the Board through interface with the line Ministry.
      13. Provide advice, guidance, coaching and on the job training for staff.
      14. Perform other related duties as required by law and the job function.

      Qualifications and Experience 

      • Bachelors’ degree in Law;
      • Legal Training as evidenced by the possession of a Legal Education Certificate or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
      • At least ten years’ experience as a practicing attorney at law;
      • At least five years’ experience in corporate secretarial responsibilities;
      • Knowledge of Telecommunications Law, Information Technology Law and Public Law;
      • At least five years’ experience in telecommunications law gained in a competitive or regulatory telecommunications environment; and
      • Experience in the following areas would be an advantage:  Corporate Legal practice and Professional qualifications as a Company Secretary.

      Core Competencies

      Professional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

      Sound working knowledge of:

      • Corporate governance practices;
      • Procedures and practices of corporate secretarial work;
      • The laws of Trinidad and Tobago as they relate to:
        • Public and corporate entities, telecommunications and information technology, andpublic law.
        • Regulatory telecommunications laws, practice and procedures.
      Proficiency in: –
      • Corporate governance practices; and
      • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office systems, including SharePoint, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel.
      • Communication, Leadership and Teamwork Competencies


      Ability to: –

      • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
      • To work as part of a team under well-defined timelines;
      • Be dynamic and have strong interpersonal skills; and
      • Establish and maintain good working relationships with the Chairman, the Board, the Chief Executive Officer and other members of staff.

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