Construction Sector Employment Opportunities

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      Construction Sector Employment Opportunities

      Construction Sector Employment Opportunities

      Construction Sector Employment Opportunities

      Good morning.
      Employment opportunities available.
      Construction sector

      All rounders– 62.50/hr
      Masons – 50.00/hr
      Labourers- 37.50/ hr

      Requirements: all rounder
      10 years experience
      A Portfolio
      3 references from persons you did work for in the past.
      Previous Employer letter of recommendation.

      Requirements: mason
      10 years experience
      Previous Employer letter of recommendation

      Requirements: Labourers
      3 years experience in construction field
      Previous Employer letter of recommendation
      3 references

      Please send info to:
      Contact info: 303-8479
      Location of office: 18 San Fernando Street, San Fernando (previously Hedwige Bereaux Attorney office)

      * only suitable applicants will be acknowledged*


      CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Certified heavy equipment operators must be able operate skid steer, telescopic forklift and backhoe. Job Purpose: To operate: skid steer/telescopic forklift/backhoe to carry out the operations; uploading and stacking materials/merchandise from incoming shipments and placing them to assigned places; warehouse, building and scaffolding in and around the site as directed Duties and Responsibilities: Handling and moving materials.

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