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      CEPEP Company Limited

      Senior Financial Officer at CEPEP Company Limited

      Job Purpose:

      To provide strategic leadership in all the financial functions of the organization. These functions include Financial/Management Accounting and Reporting, Procurement and Treasury Management. The incumbent will be responsible for the provision of accurate, comprehensive and timely financial and accounting information to facilitate decision making at the Executive Level to ensure the achievement of the strategic objectives of the CEPEP Company Limited.

      Key Accountabilities:

      • Develops and manages the financial strategy of the Company
      • Manages the financial undertakings of the Company
      • Leads in the development of financial and management policies in support of the Company’s
      strategic objectives
      • Responsible for long-term financial planning, decisions affecting investment and funding requirements
      • Manages the effectiveness and efficiency of the Company’s operations through financial accountability and implementation/supervision of important financial controls and performance monitoring systems
      • Reviews and provide oversight in the preparation of financial accounts to fulfill statutory requirements and for submission to the appropriate agencies
      • Directs the preparation of monthly financial and management accounts for review by the Executive team and the Board of Directors
      • Advises and assists the Executive team and the Board of Directors in making decisions affecting the Company
      • Provides internal support to all groups to assist them in meeting their financial accountabilities
      • Develops and maintains relationships with key stakeholders for the business
      • Other duties as assigned by the General Manager

      Job Specification and Required Competencies:

      • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) or equivalent
      • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a Management Position in Financial/ Management Accounting
      • Any other appropriate qualification and related experience may be considered

      Competencies Required:

      • Committed customer orientation
      • Superior written and oral abilities
      • Organizational Awareness
      • Ability to Self-Manage and good leadership abilities
      • Good Business Acumen
      • Sound analytical and problem-solving skills
      • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Access will be an asset

      Apply to the position of Senior Financial Officer at CEPEP Company Limited HERE


      Senior Operations Officer, , The CEPEP Company Limited, Full-time

      Vacancies The CEPEP Company Limited

      Senior Marketing and Communications Officer

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      Vacancies The CEPEP Company Limited

      Instructions to Apply for Employment with The CEPEP Company Limited

      Download the Employment Application Form from our website. Fill out the editable form on your computer and save the completed file. Email your job applications, including The completed application form, AND Your resume, including names, addresses and contact numbers of two (2) referees, to: The CEPEP Company Limited cepep.recruitment@cepep.gov.tt

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      The CEPEP Company Limited also provides services for residential and business places. All necessary equipment and material are provided to get the job done. Interested persons can contact the CEPEP Business Development unit at 698-CPEP (2737) for more information.

      Services include:

      1. Commercial and Residential Landscaping
      2. Grounds Maintenance and Beautification
      3. Heavy Equipment Rental
      4. Waste Collection and Disposal
      5. Small Construction
      6. Marine and Beach Cleanup
      7. Dead Animal Removal

      We are committed to service for the good of every citizen in Trinidad and Tobago.

      Business Incubation

      Empowering citizens to become entrepreneurs, by providing qualifying businesses with contract opportunities, and the technical support required to expand the range and scope of their services to become independent contractors providing construction services to the public and private sectors.

      Developmental Training

      Giving entrepeneurs and their employees access to mandatory training to improve their skill sets, through academic and vocational courses conducted by public organisations and institutions with the relevant knowledge and infrastructure.

      Enhanced Community Integration

      Increasing its footprint in our communities, taking a more active role, and partnering with community-oriented individuals, organisations and institutions, to provide support for environmental, cultural and educational investment and interaction across the nation.

      Agriculture Support

      Working in our communities, giving a helping hand to people involved in agriculture, to increase yields on the home front, and put more food on the table.

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